Environmental Action Club


 Environmental Action Club
Hosted By: Mr. Garguilo and Mrs. Linteau
The Environmental Action Club (EAC) fights to preserve the planet for future generations. We strive to make people enjoy and care about the environment. We pledge to protect wildlife and the natural wonders of the world.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow.

Learn as if you were to live forever."

-Mahatma Gandhi




Club Meets Every Other Thursday 3:00-4:00 in room 203S


Special thanks to Kristin Garguilo and Ms. Lopez for their continued support


Contact Mr. Garguilo: mgarguilo@tufsd.org

Special Thank you to to following community supporters:
Katie Scully (Parent)
Jennifer Murck (NWF)
Laura Hickey (NWF)
Nazareth Evans (Girl Scouts/Parent)
Bruce Diggle (School)
David Benedict Jr. (School/Garden)
Elizabeth Kaplan (Gardens)
Carole Griffiths (TEAC)
Stone Barns/Gregg (Gardens)
Sharon Pickett (Press)
Kamal Hassan (C-Town)
Robert Welsch (Westover Landscape Design)

The Students Care!

Celebrating the adoption of "Bubbles" the classroom plant.

Environmental Action Club Gardens

All gardens located in the Sleepy Hollow Middle School recess yard.

Butterfly Garden
(Cat Mint, Butterfly Bush, Honey Suckle)

Fruit Garden
(Apple tree and Blueberry bushes)

(Letters are adopted by teams of teachers and students and planted as desired)

 Plastic Bags
Bag It!
Sleepy Hollow/Tarrytown Project

Sleepy Hollow Middle School Students learn how to "Bag it!"


Sleepy Hollow Middle Students Color "Black Friday" a Bit More Green
By Sharon Pickett

Black Friday (and Small Business Saturday) became more environmentally friendly recently thanks to the Sleepy Hollow Middle School Environmental Action Club and their Faculty Advisor Michael Garguilo.

The club's motto is "Saving the planet, one student at a time." The staff and students are committed to sustainability, doing their best to keep the school clean, beautiful and energy-efficient. And just in time for the holiday shopping season, the club hosted a "Plastic Bag Assembly" by holding a screening of the movie "Bag It", a documentary outlining the economical, environmental and human health costs caused by plastic bags.

After the film, the students were each given a reusable shopping bag courtesy of the Sleepy Hollow/Tarrytown Chamber of Commerce and the Tarrytown Environmental Action Council.

"Our goal for the 2011-2012 school year is to reduce the amount of plastic bags used in the Sleepy Hollow/Tarrytown area" said Garguilo. "Disposable items don't really go away. I'm sure you have heard of the 'Great Pacific Garbage Patch' -- a vortex of plastic litter wreaking havoc to marine life. Most of that litter comes from land based sources."

The film highlighted the efforts by other municipalities and nations to reduce or eliminate this problem. The students learned that Mexico City enacted a ban on plastic bags last summer and London is making efforts to make that city plastic bag free in time for the upcoming Olympic Games. Other countries have imposed a fee for using plastic, and have seen a dramatic drop in usage.

And closer to home, San Francisco has banned plastic bags while Austin, Boston, New Haven, Portland, Phoenix and Annapolis are considering bag bans or imposing fees.

Middle School Principal Elizabeth Lopez praised the group's efforts by saying "By using reusable bags we can offer an easy answer to a global problem. The adage 'Think Globally, Act Locally' is certainly true here. I congratulate the Environmental Action Club in their efforts to reduce plastic waste in our towns."

Garguilo added that "laws are up for vote in Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow concerning the use of plastic bags and other single use disposables. Have this discussion with your parents and neighbors. Let them know that we want to say "Bag It" to plastic bags."

About the Sleepy Hollow Middle School Environmental Action Club:
Founded in 2009, the club has, among many other things, constructed a wildlife vegetable garden, created and implemented a lunch room napkin conservation program and donated money for US Jaguar Preservation.

They have created a National Wildlife Federation certified wildlife habitat on the school grounds and wrote and performed a play "Hudson River Watershed Adventure" at Shadfest and Morse Elementary School to raise awareness about the importance of protecting the Hudson River Valley. Most recently they constructed a bird observation platform and vernal pool preserve on the school grounds along the Old Croton Aqueduct Trail.

NYS Assemblymember Thomas J. Abinanti (D. 92nd District) attended the Plastic Bag Assembly and praised the students' efforts to reduce the use of single-use plastic bags. Abinanti said "Plastic bags are a modern convenience that are fast becoming a significant environmental hazard. The recycling program we established at the County level is a good first start but not enough. We need to prevent the onslaught of plastic bags from overwhelming our communities. Kudos to these student in their efforts"

To find out more about "Bag It" go to


 Bird Observation Post

Thank You Bushnell for the Donation of Binoculars for the Bird Observation Post.
Thank You Candreva Environmental Foundation for making the the Bird Observation Post possible.

 Kitchen Garden

Bird Observation Post and Kitchen Garden located behind the Middle/High School in the Middle School recess area.

Thank You Foundation for the Public School of the Taryytowns' for the making the garden program possible.


 2500 Daffodils Planted
Thank You Westover Landscape Design for the donation and support!
Planting Day in the Fall 2012
Spring 2013
For more information on Westover Landscape Design and their Daffodil Project please visit their website at http://www.westoverld.com/index.html
ANOTHER 2500 Daffodils Planted at
Peabody Outdoor Classroom

Daffodils Planting

Thank you again to Westover Landscape Design!

NWF: Students in Action
EAC Students Write for EPA Blog
By: Pamela and Jayne

Our names are Pamela and Jayne and we are proud members of the Environmental Action Club in Sleepy Hollow, NY. We know that right now everybody is recovering from Black Friday, when most people did their holiday spending, so we want to give you some tips on environmentally friendly ways to shop. Most people know enough about plastic to understand that using a reusable bag is better than a plastic one (because of the precious fossil fuels used in the making of them). However, there are other ways to be earth friendly any time you shop, like carpooling to stores with friends and family. The public tends to do a lot of driving from store to store during the holidays, So if you travel in a group you can save on gas and reduce pollution. Another way be an environmental patron is to shop online. By doing so you can save plastic, and avoid the crowds. Hope you take our advice.

About the author: Pamela and Jayne are Junior High students in Sleepy Hollow, NY and have an interest for environmental protection.  They are proud members of the Environmental Action Club at their school.

Follow the Blog at: http://blog.epa.gov/students/

By: Jayne 

Spring is on its way, and of course that means lots of planting; so I’d like to share some ideas with you on planting in your own community. Planting flowers, bushes, trees, and vegetables can be very beneficial for you. For instance, at my school, we are working on planting flowers in the shape of our school logo, SH. It’s an easy way to show school spirit in a eco-friendly way. You could even be a little more creative by using flowers with your school colors. But the planting doesn’t have to stop there- having vegetable gardens is another excellent idea for a home or school. Where I go to school we have a special day each year where we harvest our vegetables and eat them for lunch. The vegetables we usually plant are tomatoes, lettuce, and basil. In the past we’ve planted pumpkins as well. By doing this in your home, you can save money when buying groceries, and have fresh food whenever you like. So use your green thumb this spring and plant something in your town!

Jayne is a Junior High student in Sleepy Hollow, NY and has an interest in environmental protection.  She is a proud member of the Environmental Action Club at her school.

Follow the Blog at: http://blog.epa.gov/students/2013/04/spring-is-on-its-way/

 Daily Tarrytown
Students to Tarrytown: Ban Plastic Bags

Watch the NWF Eagle Cam: LIVE!

New York State U.S. ED Green Ribbon School Honor



Sleepy Hollow Middle School, Sleepy Hollow, NY


Growing Green Kids at Sleepy Hollow Middle School

By Krista Madsen


Our middle school was one of three schools statewide to be nominated for Green Ribbon status; national winners announced April 23.


Sleepy Hollow Middle School, led by the efforts of a very active Environmental Action Club, led in turn by the very engaged seventh grade science teacher Michael Garguilo, has, in the last year or so, launched many green initiatives that have changed campus life and its students forever.


There are bluebirds on school grounds for the first time in many years thanks to the bird houses students have erected. There's a butterfly garden. A sustainable garden, watered with rain run-off, grows vegetables the students will eat at their annual barbecue recognition ceremony. Students have made sure there are recycling bins in every room and hallway, which they labelled accordingly. And all students, through EAC's outreach to community agencies, received a reuseable tote bag in order to eliminate the use of plastic bags in the school altogether.


All these efforts haven't gone unnoticed. Thanks to Garguilo, who spearheaded an extensive application process, our middle school has recently been selected as one of three New York State public schools nominated as a U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon School. This puts them in the running for the national competition announced by Education Secretary Arne Duncan on April 23, the day after Earth Day.

The other two schools in the state to be nominated were the Hampton Bays Middle School in Hampton Bays and Bethlehem Central Middle School in Delmar. The state received 26 applications, 12 of which were from NYC public schools and only from two non-public schools.


From the press release from the State Education Department:


The U.S. ED Green Ribbon Schools program recognizes schools that save energy, reduce costs, feature environmentally sustainable learning spaces, protect health, foster wellness, and offer environmental education to boost academic achievement and community engagement.  The recognition award is part of a larger effort to identify and disseminate knowledge about practices proven to result in improved student engagement, academic achievement, graduation rates, and workforce preparedness, as well as a government-wide aim to increase energy independence and economic security.


“It represents a commitment by the entire school to reduce, reuse, recycle,” said principal Elizabeth Lopez of the honor. She praised Garguilo especially and the entire student body. “It's great to be recognized for the work we've done and to raise the level of awareness in our students on the importance of sustainability. The indirect result is really that the children are very engaged in this.”


Their work is not done. The goal, said Lopez, is not only to achieve a net-zero energy usage in the school, but a net-positive impact on the student body, graduating citizens that are environmentally literate and continue to make a difference. 

Tarrytown Evironmental Website
Please Visit the Tarrytown Environmental Website for up to date information on local events and news for the Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow area.

Help Save the Tigers!

A hundred years ago there were 100,000 tigers in the wild. Today there are as few as 3,200.

The goal is to build political, financial and public support to double the number of wild tigers by 2022, the next Year of the Tiger.


Save Tigers Now, World Wildlife Federation (WWF)

Take Action? Donate?

 World Wildlife Federation (WWF) Tiger Overview



The Environmental Action Club Invests with Kiva
Kiva is a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. Leveraging the internet and a worldwide network of microfinance institutions, Kiva lets individuals lend as little as $25 to help create opportunity around the world.
For more information or to invest visit Kiva's website at http://www.kiva.org/

  Club History:
(From Most Recent to Oldest)


- Made a pledge to protect Monarch Butterflies for National Wildlife Federation. May 2015

- 15 Educational signs constructed and installed at Peabody Preserve Outdoor Classroom. May 2015

- Created and installed art for the outdoor gardens. February 2015

- Maintained and improved gardens. 2015

Planted 2000 Daffodils in front entrance of Peabody Preserve Outdoor Classroom. (Special thank you to Westover Landscape Design for the donation and support) October 2014

- Ran a school recycling program to collect and redistribute unwanted school supplies for students next year. (Collected over 100 binders, 30 notebooks, and 50 folders). June 2014

- Developed Dr. Suess environmental message plays based on "The Lorax" and "Cat and the Hat Comes Back". March 2014

- Completed construction of SLEEPY HOLLOW gardens. March 2014

- Completed construction of Cemetery Garden. October 2013
- Planted 2500 Daffodils in front entrance of Peabody Preserve Outdoor Classroom. (Special thank you to Westover Landscape Design for the donation and support) October 2013

- Planted an Apple Tree in honor of Dr. Smith. Donation of Apple tree from Foundation for the Public Schools of the Tarrytowns. April 2013
- Hosted Earth Hour 2013 (213 signatures achieved: 40% of Student Body) March 2013
- Plastic Bag Demonstration at C-Town (Over 100 signatures achieved) February 2013
- Played in Fundraiser Basketball Game for the NYC Aquarium. Hosted Bake Sale at B-Ball Game. January 2013
- Planted 2500 Daffodils in front entrance of school property. (Special thank you to Westover Landscape Design for the donation and support) November 2012

- Harvested and ate the vegetables from the school garden in the cafeteria. June 2012


Received the Green Flag Award from the National Wildlife Federation. June 2012


Received the Green Ribbon Schools Award from the Federal Government. May 2012


- Participated in the 2012 Earth Day Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow Community Clean Up. April 2012


- Planted Basil, Tomatoes, and Lettuce in the Middle School Gardens. April 2012


- Featured by the Sleepy Hollow/Tarrytown Patch for the Green Ribbons Schools Nomination. April 2012


- Hosted Earth Hour 2012. March 2012


- Club members recognized as NWF: Students in Action. http://www.nwf.org/Global-Warming/School-Solutions/Eco-Schools-USA/Student-Resources/Ages-11-14/Students-In-Action.aspx March 2012


- Constructed a "Pumpkin Patch" garden. March 2012


- Adopted a classroom plant, named Bubbles, for the Green Education Foundation (GEF). March 2012


Received the honor as one of the top three "Green Ribbon Schools" in New York State. March 2012


- Paper Recycling sticker reminders installed on all blue recycling bins in the Middle School. (Special thank you to the Westchester County Recycling Center for supplying the stickers) February 2012


- Work session with the Mayor of Tarrytown, Mr. Fixell, on reducing or eliminating the community’s use of plastic bags. January 2012


- Performed a letter writing campaign to local politicians about banning plastic bags in the local community. December 2011

- Hosted a "Plastic Bag" Green Assembly, showed "Bag It" movie and gave away over 800 free Re-usable grocery bags. (Donation Received from Tarrytown Environmental Advisory Council) November 2011


- Featured Case study on the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) website for October 2011


- Received the "Teams That Make A Difference 2011" recognition from NMSA/Association for Middle Level Education and Pearson.
- Constructed a Bird Observation Post and Vernal Pool Bird Preserve 2011-2012 (Bird Observation Post  and Vernal Pool Bird Preserve made possible by the Candreva Environmental Foundation Grant and Donation of Binoculars from Bushnell)
- Received the Edith G. Read Environmental Club of the Year Award 2011
- Received the Certificate of Recognition from the City Council President of the City of Yonkers, New York 2011
- Received a New York State Assembly Citation Honor 2011
- Created "Green Spirit Week" 2011

- Received the Silver Award for “Eco-School” 2010-2011

- Performed "Hudson River Watershed Adventure" Play at Morse Elementary School 2010-2011
- Performed "Hudson River Watershed Adventure" Play at Shadfest 2011
- Featured "National Environmental Education Week" success story
- Hosted a "Free Tree" day for the staff of the Middle/High School 2010-2011
- Planted in the expanded Middle School Kitchen garden 2010-2011
- Participated in Earth Hour 2011
- Recieved a Foundation Grant for Garden Supplies and Plants 2010-2011
- Expanded the Middle School Kitchen Garden 2010-2011

- Planted eight rose bushes in the middle school courtyard 2010-2011


- Created and implemented a lunch room napkin conservation solution 2010-2011


- Constructed two bird feeders for the middle school court yard 2010-2011


- Featured Case study on the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) website for October 2010



- Constructed and Continue Operation of NASA Weather Station 2010-2011
(Weather Station made possible by the Candreva Environmental Foundation Grant)


- Received the Bronze Award for “Eco-School” 2010-2011


- Certified School as a National Wildlife Federation “Eco-School” 2010-2011

- Participated in Earth Hour 2010

- Ran a school recycling program to collect and redistribute unwanted school supplies for students next year. (Collected over 100 binder and 50 folders) 2009-2010


- Participated in Sleepy Hollow Bird House competition. Won 1st Place for Best Example of Recycled Theme 2009-2010


- Created “Green Spirit Week” 2010


- Donated money for US Bison Preservation 2009-2010


- Certified the Butterfly Garden through the North American Butterfly Association 2009-2010 (313)


- Constructed the Butterfly Garden


- Certified the School Property as a Certified Wildlife Habitat through the National Wildlife Federation 2009-2010 (#127683)


- Constructed the Wildlife Vegetable Garden 2009-2010


- The Veggie Van visited the school 2009-2010


- Donated money for US Jaguar Preservation 2009-2010


- Created and took District Green Pledge 2009-2010


 Sleepy Hollow Middle School Club since 2009-20010 School Year