Up To Date App

Problem Statement:

The problem the you can have with an down to date computer is the holes that can  help viruses get into your computer and can slow/harm your computer. You may not be able to do things like watch videos on your computer or play games because of of major lack on your computer.

When your computer is not up to date, example/ what happens

  • Youtube videos do not work
  • Computer is slower
  • Computer risk of virus
  • Computer freezes
  • Computer’s confused


  • Nothing does exactly what our app does, so there are no other alternatives to it.
  • With UpToDate you can be anywhere on the earth, and as long as you have service on your phone, you can manage the software on your computer, download new software and updates to keep your computer ready for the next time you use it, putting you ahead in business and life.
  • Our app
    • Updates computer from phone
    • Can be used anytime and anywhere
    • Saves you lots of time

Up To Date Presentation (PDF of PowerPoint)

Market Research:

  • People Don’t like to spend money, so a free app is always better. 
  • People like easier lives, so anything that can make their life easier is a potential  product that they would be interested in.
  • People don’t like things that don’t make their life easier, so anything that doesn’t is bound to be out.
  • Ideas are great, but function is key. It won’t matter how many cool things it can do when it can’t even work in the first place

Websites that help you update your computer:

  • WindowsUpdate.microsoft.com
  • SingularLabs.com/kb/how-update-the-software-on-your-computer/

All these websites tell you how to update your computer but only from your computer, not from your phone

Apps that are similar to ours:

  • TeamViewer for Remote Control
  • Phone to Computer
  • PhoneMyPC
  • Latest update checker
  • AIO Remote

People like TeamViewer for Remote Control because it almost always works, very intuitive and has no ads, and it costs $15

People like PhoneMyPC because it’s very easy to use, they can use it for what they need and can control their computer from their phone; however it’s limited to your own WiFi connection that your computer is connected to, and cannot be used over wireless networks.

Latest update checker is a simple list that comes out with the latest version numbers and details for computer programs.

We are using this to improve our app by looking at the other apps and seeing how we can improve upon them, combine ideas, add new ideas, and overall make an app that does everything we need it to, while still being an original idea with nothing like it, which is the ultimate reason why were making it, because there is nothing like it and it can help so many people.



  • People who use their computer as a tool for business
    • Highschool Students
    • College Students
    • Anyone in the business world
  • You do not need to be anyone but a human to use our app;
  • It is open and free to everyone. 
General:  There is a guy named Bob, who likes to play videogames on his computer and his computer is not that fast. Bob wasn’t home he was at a video game convention and he got a new game but he needs to update is computer in order to play it. So Bob went on his phone and updated his computer so he would be able to play the game he got. By the time Bob got home the updates where done and he played his game.

Reaches out to:

  • College
  • Travelers  
  • Computer Gamers
  • The age group is 15+

             College students could use this app because; they use their computers for homework. They could use their computers to type things up faster things such as research papers, use information from the internet such as articles, and topics for getting to their work.

            Computer gamers could use this app because they would want fast computers foe the best gaming experience. So they need the best updates to keep their computer running strong. Also the updates will help them from lagging because everybody hates lags because they are so annoying.

            Travelers could use this app because they are not home all the time so they need to update their computers can be running smoothly when they get back from their trip.

            This app is for everyone with a computer


  • An app that allows anyone with an Android or iOS device to update their software on their computers through a wireless network. 
  • A very simple app meant for function.
  • Both pieces of software completely free on computer and mobile devices.
  • An app that is very reliable and doesn’t fail, function is key.

What we created:

  • The idea of our app is to have software on your computer and your mobile device, and have this software control the rest of your software on your computer.
  • You can update any piece of software like iTunes from your phone, that way you don’t have to do it when you need to use your computer.
  • You can remotely download new software.
  • Downloading photoshop won’t take 8 hours anymore, it’ll be ready for you when you turn your computer on.

Scenario Map:

Steps and Ideas 

Scenario Map Steps & Ideas

Wire Frames & Map Flow:

Initial Sketch of Screen Flow:

Paper Screen Flow

Original Map Flow (in Balsamiq):

Original Map Flow

App Walk Through:

Up To Date Demo

Elevator Pitch:
  Up To Date New Pitch Video on YouTube Soon!

App Prototype:

Download this  UpToDateAppProto.apk App file of our Prototype to your Android device.  Or Scan this QR Code to upload & install:

Thanks for reviewing our project!  Let us know what you think in comments below.
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