Gareth Murfin – Résumé/Curriculum Vitae

Personal Profile

I am a highly skilled remote developer with over ten years of mobile development experience. I have been coding Java for almost twenty years (as well as J2ME for 10 & Android for 6). Coding is not just my job, but also my passion - I write awesome games and apps that push the limits of modern devices. I have been active in this field almost all of my life and it has always been my dream to be a remote freelance developer. I am always looking for awesome remote Android contracts to work on.

Accolades & Achievements

 Finalist in Android Developer Competition (ADC2) in 2010 with 'Sonorox'
 Winner of Young Software Engineer of the year award 2002
 Best Software Engineering final year project award in 2002 (Spektra)
 Finalist in the TIGA games design contest with "The Dead Walk"
• Developed leading Bluetooth advertising solutions for world’s largest mall in Dubai, in-car prototypes for Seattle police and mobile trading tools for the London stock exchange
• Currently have over 500,000 downloads of my own apps on Google Play (and others) as well as over 50,000,000 downloads of apps I've made for clients.


These days I specialise in Java, Android, Codename One & Unity3D/C#. But past experience includes:

Swing, Java3D, J2ME, LWUIT, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, WML, WMLScript, UML, PL/SQL, SQL, C/C++, C#, Obj-C, XML, COBOL, LUA, Prolog, Assembly, VRML, Perl, OPL/16, Z, Arexx, Blitz Basic, Flash Lite, ActionScript, Processing.

Other Skills

• Technology Writer (Taipei TimesAmiga Format, Rush Magazine)
• Admob integration, porting, web design, graphic art
• Project Management (I can coordinate my own guys for large projects)
• Computer/mobile games design/development (see personal projects)
• Video Production: Special effectsmusic video director/producer (under the name of The Corrupted - finalist in Urban Nomad film competition), live VJing (using my own custom software 'Ferox Neutrino'), visuals programmingTime lapse photography


• University of Stirling: Bachelor of Science degree in Computing Science (With honours)
Honours Project (developed in Java): Virtual Alumni Reunion Software (VARS) - An isometric online MMORPG to enable virtual reunions. Grade: 1A (highest possible grade)

• University of Stirling: Master of Science degree in ‘Technology and Innovation Management’ (A+ Distinction) MSc research project: “Evaluating Java for commercial game development”. Grade 80% (A)

• 11 GCSEs (8 As, 3 Bs) and 4 A-levels (Physics, German, Biology, General studies) basic abilities in French, German, Mandarin.

In-house Experience

• British Telecom – Java application programmer
• Rockstar North (was DMA Design) – Playstation2 games programmer
• DC Studios – Mobile games designer / developer / porting engineer
• Firebrand Games – Mobile games developer
• Beyond Capture – Mobile games technical producer / developer
• Global Drum – Technical director / lead mobile developer
• Visto (was Psion Software) – J2ME Application developer
• Elite Systems – Mobile games developer / porting engineer


I have delivered hundreds of apps over the years, you can see many of them on my portfolio here, which I recommend you check out:

Contact Details

Contact me now to discuss any requirements.
Mobile: +886976351260
Skype: gazy1980

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