GA Researchers 

Here you can obtain research and services from some of Google Answers' finest ex-researchers - GARs.

Hello, and welcome to our site.  Here you can contact a select group of talented researchers who answered questions on Google Answers. There were times when customers wanted contact with a researcher outside of the public forum which GA provided. You might want counseling which is of a nature that's too personal for public disclosure, or you might want to engage in a discussion through a series of private emails, and email addresses could not be posted on Google Answers. We've created this site to accommodate such needs and interests, as well as all your research needs.

Ask us anything!

Please feel free to contact us collectively, with a proposition for any or all of us, at ga.researchers at gmail dot com

Or, you can explore the personal pages of the researchers listed on the right, and select from among them.

All ex-GARs are welcome to submit a link to their site for inclusion on this page.

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