Fundraising is split among different items we sell as a troop, events we host as a troop, and sales we do on an individual scout basis. See below for more info...

Our Troop offers many ways for the boys to earn money for themselves as well as 3 major unit fundraisers each year.

Our Fundraising Chairperson is Derek Riggs.

    • Troop Garage Sale - Gardner City-wide Sale Day - Chair: Teresa Cowel

    • Old Settler's Peach Floats and snacks - Olathe each September - Chair: OPEN

All proceeds from these events go into our unit budget to help stock the trailer and provide program items for the scouts. Extra funds earned are saved for capital improvements such as new stoves, new carports, etc.

There are also ways for scouts to earn money for their own scout account. Here are the current fundraisers we offer to individual scouts to help earn their own way to camp:

  • Trash Bags are available for sale year round. Please contact us at a meeting for bags to be delivered.

Prices for Trash Bags:

Trash bags $10 per roll

White (15 gallon) you get 65 bags per roll

Yellow (39 gallon) you get 25 bags per roll

Blue (55 gallon) you get 16 bags per roll

Rada Knife orders are taken by Chairperson Cindy Vaughn during the year as well. Contact her at or 913-406-1537

For a current Rada catalog, click HERE

  • Popcorn is sold in the fall each year through the Council, and information is handed out to scouts early in the school year, around Labor Day. Sales conclude late October, and delivery is early November. Chairperson: Derek Riggs

  • Christmas Wreaths are also sold by our scouts alongside our popcorn sale each fall. Scouts earn more than 30% profit on many items, and we have many repeat customers. Chairperson: Chelle Nutt