HOAC Campership Application Form - for families who want to apply for some financial aid for summer camp. If you are not sure if you qualify, just fill one out and turn in to the treasurer at a meeting. Due in early March!


Go to the link below, which will place you on the BSA's official website, Here you will see links for "PART A and B" which is for weekend camping, as well as "PART C" which is required for summer camp. Note: the "PART C" link will include parts A and B also.

BSA Health and Medical Record website

Part D is on the same website and required with Part C for high adventure trips such as Jamboree and Philmont.


Troop 88 Vehicle Info - for all cars driving to campouts

Troop 88 Service Hours Record - for tracking service hours

12-month Camper Award Form - to be completed by the scout