Hassocks Garden Centre

    garden centre
  • A garden centre is a retail firm that sells plants and products related to gardens as its primary business. It is open to the public, with facilities to care for and display plants.
  • formerly just a couple of flower pots and a woman standing next to a teapot, this has now developed into a 5 star restaurant with the largest selection of sheds and gnomes in the known Universe.
  • A thick, firmly padded cushion, in particular
  • Hassocks is a large village and civil parish in the Mid Sussex district of West Sussex, England. Its name is believed to derive from the tufts of grass found in the surrounding fields.
  • (hassock) a cushion for kneeling on (as when praying in church)
  • A footstool
  • A cushion for kneeling on in church
  • (hassock) ottoman: thick cushion used as a seat
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South Downs Nurseries
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