Welcome to the Garden Ridge Elementary Library!

Holly Earl

Library Media Specialist




Library Information

Classes will visit the library every week for library skills lessons and to check out books.  Books and magazines are checked out for two weeks, but can be brought back sooner to be exchanged during open check out times.  Students may check out three items for recreational reading, but are allowed additional items for school or classroom use as determined by their teacher.  Please remember to take good care of the items that you have borrowed and to be responsible about turning them in on time.  Items must be turned in before new items can be checked out.  Students are responsible for paying for any lost or damaged items.  I know how much fun it is to check things out, so make sure you keep your library record clear and up to date!

E-Books are checked out for two weeks and students may have two e-books checked out at a time.  Fourth and fifth grade students will learn how to check out e-books on their iPads during library class.  Other students, parents, and teachers should ask Mrs. Earl for information on checking out e-books if they are interested.

Garden Ridge students are encouraged to keep their library books in their backpacks when they are not being read.  That way, in the rush of the morning when everyone is getting ready, the book isn’t forgotten as it lies on the dresser or in the bookshelf.  THEN, on library day, everyone is happy because they’ve brought their books back and can get NEW ONES!! J

As the librarian, my goal is to encourage children to develop a lifelong love of reading and books.  Parents can play a big part in this.  With younger students, you can help your children learn to love books by reading to them at night and then allowing them to read (or just look at the pictures!) for a few minutes by themselves before bed.  Parents should encourage older students to read for at least twenty minutes each night.  

I look forward to teaching you how to use our resources and develop a love of reading when you visit the Garden Ridge Library this year.  Your family is encouraged to use the library and parent/grandparent volunteers are welcome and appreciated!  Please contact Mrs. Earl if you are interested in getting involved in the Garden Ridge library program.   Stay tuned for upcoming programs and activities!

Credit:  The High-Tech Teacher:  http://schenkgr4.blogspot.com/2013/04/why-read-20-minutes-pinterest-inspired.html

Library Schedule

The Garden Ridge Elementary Library & Media Center is open school days from 7:45am to 3:00pm.  Classes visit the library each week during their library time, but teachers, students, and parents are welcome in the library throughout the day to exchange books, conduct research, or quietly enjoy a book. Students are encouraged to visit the library during the open check out times so they can receive the most help from the librarian.