Garden of Thyme: Herbal Collegium
May 31- June 2, 2013
Elchenburg Castle. 2239 Center Road, Booneville, NC 27011

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, & Thyme are just a very few of the wide range of
herbs used in period. Cooking, Curing Ills, & Coloring Fabrics, just a few of their uses.

Join us at Elchenburg Castle, site of the Atlantian Herb Garden for a weekend of exploring, learning, teaching and sharing!
Come learn about garden planning,ointments, salves, tinctures, dyeing,
cooking with herbs, brewing with herbs, a surgeon's chest, herb walk, and more!

Classes, and round table talks will fill the day. 

Bring your favorite herb/Cooking/Gardening
 books to share at the herb library.

Don't forget about the plant and seed exchange!
Bring something to share/trade with your fellow "plant hugging" friends!

Cost:   Adult, Member:  $10.00 Day-Trip $0.00 Feast     $0.00 Camping
       Adult, Non-Member:      $15.00 Day-Trip $0.00 Feast     $0.00 Camping
       Youth (12-17):  $6.00 Day-Trip  $0.00 Feast     $0.00 Camping
       Child (0-11):   $0.00 Day-Trip  $0.00 Feast     $0.00 Camping
Make Checks Payable To:  SCA, Inc., Barony of Sacred Stone
 Send reservations to autocrat.

The event price includes a dayboard lunch. 
Feast will be a potluck meal with the event providing the meat (pork & chicken).

Autocrat's Information:  Meadhbh the Handy (Mindy Kirby), 163 Victory Pass Lane, Rutherfordton, NC 28139, 
Phone: (828) 289-6833, E-mail: theoilmaven[AT]yahoo.com