All About Worship:

Worship is simply our response to God telling Him of his worth.  While you can (and should) worship God every day and in diverse environments, we come together formally as a church on Sunday to worship.

This is a natural way for you to visit G.C.P.C. We meet in a large group to study the Bible, sing, and corporately learn more about God's plan for our lives as revealed through His Word.

It's really simple ... Just Show Up!
We are waiting to meet you.

Worship Facts:
When is it?
    Every Sunday Morning at 10:00AM

Where is it?
    Main Sanctuary

How long is it?
    We usually meet for 45-60 minutes

What do I wear?
    You will find people wearing everything from blue jeans to suits.

How much does it cost?
    Worship is absolutely free.  You will be given an opportunity to give toward our ministries, but no donation is required or even expected from our guests.  

Do I need to tell anyone I am coming?
    No reservation is required.  Just show up, and we'll take it from there.