Christian Education

Sunday School

Join us on September 9,2018 for our Sunday School Roundup - 
All are welcome!
  • Calling all early risers interested in attending as friendly Bible class 
    • We would love to have you join our classes.  The class meets at 8:15 AM every Sunday.  We are very laid back and enjoy learning not just our lesson but about each other.
  • Children's Sunday School - a rotational curriculum for the Children's Sunday School is in place.  G.A.P. (God is Always Present). GAP implements a multi-dimensional learning program, integrating computers, art, drama, cuisine and other facets with Christian Education.  This type of learning has proven to be very successful and we are glad to have it to teach our children about God's love through this unique educational method.
Bible Study
Pastor Herrington  periodically conducts a Bible Study series.  Contact the church office for details of our next scheduled sessions.

"Cross Talk Youth Group"
Our Youth Group is for kids in grade 6 through 12.  We are not interested in just having youth services - rather creating a movement of young people who are excited for God and will influence their generation.  Our goal is that you have a balanced life within our youth ministry and we believe that our G.C.P.C. Youth Group leaders can get you there

G.C.P.C.youth group service is an interactive service designed for you to go deeper in your relationship with GOD.  We meet the 2nd and 4th Sunday afternoons of the month from 12-2P in our youth room.  G.C.P.C. youth group offers you more; more worship; more God; more of the Bible.  This is a great opportunity for you to take your faith to the next level.  Come be a part of something that will fuel your life.  Youth group os here, it's now, it's a movement, don't miss it!

We are a Spirit Filled, Christ Centered and Cross Focused youth group that accepts people where they are at and will greet you with open arms.  A Youth Group that never says that before you can have fellowship with us, you must first embrace holiness = but rather says I'll love you unconditionally until you choose to be holy.