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-Do not use "used" railroad ties within 25 feet of plants that will be edible. These are commonly used for retaining walls and are safe to use for flower beds but not for veggie gardens.
Submitted by tiki_t

Do not plant cottonwood trees anywhere near your house or concrete areas. They have an invasive root systems that will cause major damage.
Submitted by DawnMG (she has pictures in the B&A to prove it!)

Wanted to give you a fertilizer tip. I LOVE Spray N Grow with Bill's Perfect Fertilizer added to it. I've tried many different kinds & this is by far the best I've found. My plants grow like crazy!! Bill's does smell because it has hydrolyzed fish in it but it works great. The instructions are easy & you'll need a sprayer to apply product to plants, flowers, trees, roses, etc. You can buy it at & you can also get it on QVC.
Submitted by daNrr

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