* General Rental Terms

General Terms
  1. When you arrive the home will be clean and, as a courtesy, supplied with paper towels, bathroom tissue, napkins, dish towels, dishwasher soap, hand soap, and laundry soap to accommodate the agreed number of people in your party.
  2. The owner does not provide linens or towels.
  3. Local telephone service is provided. For other calls please use a calling card or cell phone.
  4. The owners are not liable or responsible for any personal items left behind or stolen.
  5. If the renter does not personally inspect the premises prior to signing this Agreement, the renter agrees to accept the rental property upon arrival, provided it meets the basic description as listed on the Rental Website. In addition, the renter agrees that he/she will not be entitled to a refund or rent money, or relocation to another property, and will have no claim or recourse against the Owner, Property Manager, etc.
  6. The owner or owner’s agent may enter the premises immediately in the event of an emergency, in order to perform necessary repairs and/or maintenance; and with 24 hours notice, for normal maintenance or to show a prospective renter.
  7. Septic System: Remember that anything that goes down the drain goes right into the ground and is absorbed by the environment. DO NOT USE LIQUID PLUMBER OR SIMILAR PRODUCTS. These products stay in the sewer system and pollute the ground beneath the home. Only flush toilet paper. DO NOT flush Diapers, Kleenex, feminine napkins or tampons.
  8. Infants and toddlers will be supervised at all times. The owner supplies cleaning products and games which are not suitable for young children who may put things in their mouths.
  9. Owner shall not be liable to Tenant, Tenant’s guests, licensees or invitees or any other person for any injury, loss or damage to any person or property on or about the premises. Tenant shall hold Owner and Managers harmless and indemnified from and against all loss, injury or damage occasioned by the use or misuse or abuse of any part of the premises, parking lot, beach or community and from or against any omission, neglect, or default of Tenant, his guests, licensees or invitees.
  10. This Agreement may not be assigned or the property sublet, and is for the Tenant’s use only.
  11. Any exceptions to the terms written herein must be approved in writing, in advance by the owner.
  12. Rates, terms, and conditions are subject to change without notice.