Google Search

This app has so much more to offer than searching.  It does allow users to easily conduct research, by typing the old-fashioned way or through the Voice Search feature.  Just tell Google what you're searching for, and Google will respond.  It also brings in the Google Goggles feature, which allows you to search the internet with a picture.  You show Google a picture, and it will look for similar images.  Imagine the possibilities for kids!  How many times have you wanted to search for something, but you didn't know what it was called?  With Google Goggles, be at a loss for words all you want!  

In addition to search, many of Google's other apps are accessible from the Google Search app.

Google Currents

With Google Currents, users can get a snapshot of trending topics and current events.  Users can save a library of favorite publications or Google Reader feeds.  The global library is sorted by category but is also searchable by keyword.

Google Translate

Translate text or spoken audio into another language, many of which include an audio option, demonstrating proper pronunciation of the translation.