Productivity Tips

To increase efficiency, it helps to add any commonly-accessed websites, such as the Google eBookstore or Google Docs, to the home screen as a bookmark.  This allows the shortcut to show up as an app icon, taking users directly where they need to go.  To do this, tap the share button at the top of the screen and choose Add to Home Screen.

In addition, many third-party apps and software are available to maximize productivity and make tasks simpler for you and your students.  Some include:


With iFiles, users can save their Google Apps accounts in a list, locking it behind a password.  This can provide a way for students to access their files from an iPad that is shared with other students throughout the day.  Can access and edit, but can't share.

Printopia 2 for Mac

If you have a Mac, use Printopia for submitting work.  You can "print" the file to any folder on a Mac, including Dropbox, essentially allowing iPad users to share files with an endless number of devices and folders.  For example, a student could send a product from the iPad to a Dropbox folder on the MacBook Pro sitting on the iPad cart.  From the teacher's laptop (it could be the MacBook Pro, or it could be any other computer the teacher uses), the Dropbox folder is accessible and contains the work of all students.  The teacher could create a folder for each class, assignment, student, etc., and the student could "print" to the appropriate folder.  

(Be sure to confirm compatibility with your district's network.  It did not play nicely with ours.)


Flipboard is great for Google Reader!  What is Flipboard, you ask?  It's an app that takes personal news and social media feeds and presents them in a magazine-like format.  Flipboard maintains the folder structure you have set up in Google Reader, making it simple to find the information you need.