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Carrickasticken - Carraig an Staicín - The Rock of the Point/Pointed Rock
This townland borders the village of Forkill (Foirceal - The Trough) (the river through the village is the western boundary) and the townland runs along the west of Tievecrom Mountain south to north towards Longfield (Leamhchoill - The Elmwood) (on old maps Longfield is marked as 'Longhill' - which would better suit its Irish language origin) where the stream at 'Lisavaney' provides the northern boundary. The 'pointed rock' or 'staicín' may be the rocky outcrop on which the British army had an outpost for so many years overlooking Forkill village. (Again on old maps the village of Forkill is marked as 'Stranarm' and 'Forkill ' is sited further away  - up towards the old CoI church).
Thre are a plethora of ringforts in the townland (at least 15-20 known) the most noteworthy being in Haughey's field - a high sited ringfort with a souterrain (an underground tunnel) runing from the centre of the ringfort to an exit below. Sheilds' farm in the same townland contains a much smaller version but with a much higher ring ditch.
Ringforts were the equivalent of a large farm dwelling and were built some 2,000 - 1500 years ago, but are recorded as being lived in up to the 1600's. They may have housed one family or a number of families depending on their size. The earthen walls were meant to keep domestic animals in and wild animals out and were not intended primarily as a form of defence against attack from others. The proximity of Forkill river would have made access and egress from these ringforts very easy.