Summer Gap Walk

Gap o' the North Walking Club

 Cumann Síulóid Sléibhe Bhearna Uladh 

In June or July we want to organise a sort of Open Day, a walk for everyone of all ages through the actual Gap of the North from Faughart to Jonesborough with a series of short history talks and supporting handouts.
  • We start at Faughart Burying Ground with the story of the Cattle Raid of Cooley. Queen Medbh camped below at Bellurgan while Cuchulainn was up on Tippings Mount watching them. It is also known as Trumpet Hill because his bugler blew out challenges to the men of Connacht.
  • Edward Bruce, brother of Robert of Scotland, was killed in 1318 near where the railway crosses the motorway. His body (minus the head) is in the graveyard.
  • Across the road is a Norman motte or temporary fort probably built by John de Courcy in the 1170s
  • Mountjoy camped on the hill in 1600 before he tackled O'Neill in the pass. The main battles were fought between the Poor Clares building and Campbell's house.
  • Lunchbreak at the Castle with stories of the huge black cat which terrorised the first soldiers in it.
  • Down to Kilnasaggart Stone
  • Back by the narrow coach road.
We promise it won't be boring for anyone. Here are a couple of drawings of what the soldiers in O'Neill's army in the pass probably looked like. See if you can spot your ancestors.