Michael J Murphy

Mickey Buck as we knew him was a very special man of great insight. When people were struggling out of hardship and unending hard labour on their tiny farms they were inclined to cast off the old way of life at the first opportunity. Michael J realised very early that something of great value was in danger of being lost. But unlike many other commentators on this great social change, he had no starry-eyed, romantic vision of the simple peasant life because he knew exactly what it involved and what its limitations were.
We should celebrate the work of Mickey Buck because he left us something that would definitely have disappeared. There is a good account of his life and work by Kevin Murphy at this link:

Another article on his work for the Folklore Commission is referenced below:

Michael J. Murphy (1913-1996)
Bo Almqvist
Iml. 64/65, (1996/1997), pp. 362-365
(article consists of 4 pages)
Stable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/20522474
His first work, 'At Slieve Gullion's foot' (1941) is out of print as far as we know but we are on the lookout for copies. 'Mountain Year' (1964) is a gem of a book and has been described as 'prose poetry', painting as it does a vivid picture of the seasonal goings-on in the rural parish of Dromintee in the late 50's/early 1960's .