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 Cumann Síulóid Sléibhe Bhearna Uladh 

The main map
Open the 'main map' pdf attachment at the bottom of this page for  a section of the 1-25000 OSI map centred on Jonesborough. Apologies for scanning it upside down: either go to View/Rotate/Clockwise or print it out.
OSI Sheet 29 which covers South Armagh as far over as Forkhill plus all of the Mournes and virtually all of the Cooleys is available in Eason's in Newry; the OS sheet 26 (Co. Louth) also covers most of our area. If you like using your map you should invest in the dearer, laminated version because the ordinary paper maps just don't like rain or constantly being folded and unfolded and tend to disintegrate after a while.  
 Narrowwater to Anglesea
The turf roads from Edentubber and Tullagh Omeath were constructed in 1941-42 to access the turf fields to the north and west of the Clermont summit. They were linked together and asphalted in the 1970s when the TV transmitter was built beside Clermont Cairn. A side track was made, but never paved,to the smaller White Bog betgween Clermont and Anglesea summits. A much older Green Road which was recently drained and reinstated by hillwalker volunteers runs up from Clontigora to the same bog. The bad news is that a new sheep fence runs between the summits involving a detour to find a gate (we do not encourage climbing over sheep fences). The good news is that it seems to have put off the scramblers who were coming up the Green Road and destroying the mountain.
Quads are bad (sheepfarmer quads excepted) but scramblers are a lot worse.  On both sides of the Annaverna path their tyre tracks have created lots of small watercourses which pour water out on to the path and cause erosion. Across towards Carnawaddy they have turned reasonably passable bog tracks into seas of mud.
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