Listed monuments

Click here for a Google map of local monuments (incomplete)
There are high-quality images of many of the monuments at this link:
Below the names of monuments on our Google map we are gradually entering links to the NI Sites and Monuments Record database for Co.  Armagh, where you can find detailed information and map grid references. Check the 'Related Documents' attachments for field reports from the archaeologists. We will eventually get around to doing the same for monuments in north Louth.
Most of the remains listed here are shown on the various OSNI or OSI maps: Sheets 28, 29 and 36. If you are trying to find a specific monument the Griffiths Valuation maps (mostly 1864 in South Armagh) are more useful because of the large scale and the fact that they have field boundaries (ditches) marked in, which means you can find the exact field. They also show some monuments that have since disappeared under the plough or been incorporated into ditches.
These maps are now free online and an absolutely wonderful resource. Use this link:
Specify Placename Search, enter Townland and County, search and then click on Map View. It can be difficult to navigate on the map when fully zoomed out, so zoom back out a bit, find a place you know and follow the roads to the place you want to examine - almost all the existing road network was there in 1864.

Aghmakane Cashel

Aghmakane Souterrain

Dane's Cast, Ballinliss to Aghyallogue

Ballard standing stone


Slieve Gullion north cairn

Carrickasticken raths


    Rath and souterrain


    Rath and possible souterrain


    Enclosure on Tievecrom/Forkhill mountain

Carrickbroad, holy well

Carrickbroad, Cofracloghy cist (Daikilmore mountain

Carrickbroad, Lissacashel

Moyra castle


Moyra battle site


Carrickbroad rath (may be fortification from battle 1600)

Kilnasagart stone


Edenappa Cashel



Clonlum south cairn

Clonlum chambered grave

Clontigora court cairn

Ballykeel dolmen

Carrickinaffrin (Shean)

Kilnacrue graveyard


Chambered grave

Portal grave

Carrive mass rock

Carrive marked stone

Cloghinny mass rock


Cloghinny souterrain

Fathom mass rock


Lisdoo cashel, Killean

Faughil Mountain cashel and killeen

Clermont cairn

Megalithic tomb

Souterrain Dromad



Two raths

Holy well

Megalithic tombs

Megalithic tomb

Proleek dolmen

Trumpet hill

Faughart burying ground

Norman motte


Chambered grave

Placemark 42

Monastery site

Fulacht fia