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Membership subscription

Gap o' the North Walking Club

 Cumann Síulóid Sléibhe Bhearna Uladh 

 Hilltops, Heritage and History on the South Armagh/Louth border

Membership information

The annual subscription is


£20 or €25 per year

(Membership year runs from 1st April to 31st March)

If you don't wish to join, you may come as a casual walker; the fee is £2.50/€3 per walk

First walk free


Please note: This subscription is due on the 1 st April which is when our annual insurance premium is due :

  – in other words payment of membership fee on any given date does not entitle membership for 12 calendar months but only until 31 st. March.


 And now the good news


  This includes subscription to the Ulster Federation of Rambling clubs with many benefits including 15 % discount on non-promotional items (i.e., goods not already reduced on sale) against proof of paid-up membership in the Cotswolds outdoor shops. There is also a 10 % reduction in the Trespass shop in Newry and Portwest Dundalk. You will be provided with a membership card with expiry date. We will continue to welcome new walkers or people who just want to give it a try, first walk free of charge- day charge of £ 2.50/€3 will operate for second walks and thereafter if not paying full sub.



Membership application forms are available at any of our walks from a committee member.


Membership gift tokens are also available,the perfect present !


 Please read the important advice below.


Membership of the Club is open to individuals who accept that hill walking is an activity with inherent risks of personal injury and agree to be responsible for their own actions and involvement.

Hill walking requires significant effort so it is wise to ensure that there are no Medical Reasons why you should not participate.

 If in doubt, check with your GP. If you have a Medical Condition which could affect your participation in this sport,

It is YOUR responsibility to inform/discuss this with any club committee member. This information will remain confidential.



Participation in any given walk is at the discretion of walk leader on the day.

You will be provided with a membership card with expiry date and U.f.R.C affiliation card.
 Our affiliation cards from the Ulster Federation of Rambling Clubs entitle us to a whole series of discounts .  Details here:
Walking for recreation enables participants to enjoy healthy recreation, often
with social interaction between like minded people, preferably in places where
access  has been agreed with landowners.  Whilst fortunately  rare, the
possibility of legal action being taken ,for a variety of reasons, against the
walker cannot be discounted and thus adequate insurance cover is essential
to protect from the possibly onerous monetary consequences.
Because the Ulster Federation of Rambling Clubs(UFRC) is a body affiliated
to the Ramblers’ Association, it can access insurance cover for its member
clubs at substantially discounted premiums, taking advantage of the buying
power of the larger body. Cover is provided by Perkins-Slade, a brokerage
specialising in sports cover, policies being underwritten by large insurance
companies such as Royal and Sun Alliance and Zurich.
There are two elements within the policy—Public Liability (3rd
party) and Civil
Liability. These give the broadest possible cover available to protect
members, with no upper age limit applied.
To keep premiums as low as possible, the policy provides no personal injury
cover. Thus if ,for example, a walker slips and accidentally fractures a limb,
the policy will provide no monetary recompence.
Public Liability.
Covers liability to a third party for accidental bodily injury or damage to third
party property , arising out of the insured activities.
Example: A farm gate left open, animals straying onto a public road causing a
traffic accident. Vehicle occupants may sue for injury/damage.
Third party claims can be wide-ranging and, if successful, can lead to massive
awards, particularly if claimants are relatively young with lengthy life
expectancy. Perkins-Slade has recently been involved in two claims which
have each exceeded ‚5 million.
Civil Liability
Covers the potential responsibility for payment of damages in a lawsuit.
Most rambling and walking clubs are unincorporated-a legal term describing a
group of people who get together for one common purpose. The importance
of this is that committee members and officers can be sued personally, for
their own assets,following decisions made which may lead to unfortunate
outcomes and subsequent claim. The policy will cover claims made on this
Claims may also be made, under Human Rights legislation, for abuse-
either physical ,mental(eg bullying) or slander-perhaps derogatory comments
made in print or on a website.
It is important that individual clubs have a constitution which is robust in
relation to Human Rights . In case of doubt, the UFRC  constitution can be
made available.
Member to member liability is covered.
Example: A member dislodges a stone which injures another club member,
who subsequently makes a claim.A walk leader, sued for injury caused by leading onto dangerous ground.
This highlights the importance of clubs selecting leaders who are experienced
and competent to lead, taking into account the difficulty and proposed  length
of walk . It is advantageous if the leader has backed up their experience by
undertaking training courses, ranging from simple group management to
complex night navigation If the worst should happen and claim arise, a club
which has allowed an inexperienced leader to take charge, may be placed at
some disadvantage.
Perkins-Slade will not issue a policy with less than ‚5 million cover and
strongly advises each club to consider cover of ‚10 million, in view of  the
substantial recent  awards made by the courts.
Premiums are due on 1st
March each year. Pro-rata rates are available for
clubs which join the Federation on other dates throughout the year.
Due to higher awards made by courts in the Republic of Ireland, UFRC
affiliated clubs based in the Republic , while being able to avail of cover, may
well face increased premiums.
Premium cost depends on the number of members within a club and cost per
person will be higher for smaller clubs. At first sight, this may seem unfair but
Perkins-Slade point out that  the administration costs of a policy are similar,
irrespective of numbers. Risk ,also is not directly related to the number of
participants on a walk . Each event carries a potential for mishap to occur.
Cover is written on a claims made basis which means that cover is provided
by the policy in force when the incident is reported to the insurers, not by that
in force when the incident occurred.  It is essential that clubs report any
incident, which may give rise to a claim, to Perkins-Slade, quoting the UFRC
Affiliation number
In addition, clubs should keep a record of the date and time of incident,
together with full details of the name and address of any witnesses.