Raising Other Relatives Children?    
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      Support  Groups ~ share updated information~ your share joys and concerns. Meet with others who walk in
           your shoes and live throughout our county.

Evening  groups include childcare, light refreshments and great workshops with topics that have included: preparing  our grandchildren for college with U. of M. outreach programs, internet safety,  safe sleep for
 infants, healthy living, teen issues, family dynamics, the farmers markets,and senior legal issues.  We share in family events at the  Michigan Theater, Tiger and Piston games and much more.  One out of 9.5 children are being raised by a Grandparent at least half time.
Please come and check us out.

Grandparents and other relatives raising grandchildren may be grandparents in their 40's, retired grandparents living on social security, or anywhere in-between. Whatever you may be, you all have one thing in common; you are raising children that, most likely, you did not expect to be raising. GAP offers support groups for you. GAP means there is a place where kinship care providers can meet and share valuable information along with their experiences, a place to express feelings and concerns and be understood and embraced by others that are in a similar situation, a place where you will know that the people there truly care about others. The people at this support group are putting all aside so they may do what is best for the children, so the children do not get lost in "the system."

Here, at a meeting of grandparents raising grandchildren, you may find a something that you didn’t know you were looking for. A family; to support you, to understand you, to hear you. And hope. Hope that what you are doing IS making a difference. Regardless of what you are looking for or what brings you to a meeting, you can find a special friendship that comes from shared experiences, a deep breath of relief from the daily grind and a place to gather strength. And maybe, just maybe, a laugh, or even two. Please consider joining us in celebrating, grieving, and understanding the experiences of parenting the second time around.

Program Services

 Grandparents As Parents (GAP) offers caregiving grandparents (and other relatives) the opportunity to share common experiences, to better understand their grandchildren's special needs, and to access resources and information from community professionals. The program provides support groups, educational workshops, a monthly newsletter, children's groups, and family activities. Caregivers receive referrals for basic needs (such as food, clothing, financial assistance), and other support services. All services are offered at no charge.

To Get Started

For more information, please call 734.712.3774  Any grandparent or custodial relative in Washtenaw County with parental responsibilities for raising a minor child is eligible for service. Additional information is available in the GAP Brochure.
Grandparents As Parents 
Catholic Social Services
Towsley Health Building
5361 McAuley Drive
Ypsilanti, MI  48197
Phone:  734.712.3774