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From a recent MediQuant customer - introduced by Gap

posted Oct 4, 2011, 11:32 AM by Gap Consulting, Inc Barb Cox ‎(CEO)‎

1.       The reason you chose DataArk (i.e., the gap you needed to fill and how dataark met those needs)

We recently converted our HIS to Siemens Soarian. We did not choose to convert the AR. When it was time to dismantle our old mainframe, we needed a solution that would allow us to migrate the legacy system data somewhere where Revenue Cycle staff could continue to actively work on that AR and BD business. DataArk was a great choice because nothing had to be crosswalked. Financial classes, service codes, patient types, etc. continued to appear just like they were in the legacy system. It made the transition nearly seamless for the staff.

2.       The speed of the installation and who did what (Via Christi and Mediquant)

The implementation process was very quick, around 4 months . Via Christi IT staff worked through the ftp setup and creating the data extract with a counterpart from Mediquant. Via Christi Revenue Cycle staff were heavily involved in the data validation sessions.

3.       What recommendations you would have for another client looking to use an archive solution

I would recommend that customers have their current outsourcing policies and processes documented prior to the project if the outsourcing will continue after migrating to DataArk. The process is certain to change, and it is much easier to identify & document changes in the process when you have a good understanding of the current state.

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