Gap Consulting, Inc.

We are a forward thinking strategic organization that has a mission to assist with transforming the Health industry.  Our experienced consultants can help your organization be successful as you seek to implement programs to achieve your vision.  Your success is our reward!
Depening on your challenge, big or small, we can help your team while you fill your gaps.  We can provide a team to be there with you to add agility and flexibility at any time.
Our team lives by the following principles:
  • We do what we say we can do;
  • We partner for skills we don't posses;
  • Our services are sustainable by transferring our skills to your team;
  • We offer practical approaches and methods;
  • We work with your team;
  • Your success is our reward.
We will bring resources with the right skills and experience to match your situation.  You will determine if the match is right for you.  After all, your satisfaction is of utmost importance.