I am Juntao Gao, an Assitant Professor in Graduate School of Information Science of Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST).

My research interests include:
1) Modeling and performance analysis in wireless networks (e.g., mobile ad hoc networks, wireless sensor networks and VANETs)
2) Stochastic optimization, Queueing theory and their applications in wireless networks
3) Machine learning and Intelligent transportation systems

招生信息(open position)

We are looking for highly motivated students who want to do research in my lab. Those who have background on applied mathematics, communication, computer science are encouraged to contact me.

欢迎具有应用数学, 通信工程,计算机网络等相关专业背景和编程背景(c, c++, Java)的同学积极联系我。实验室信息请访问 Mobile Computing Lab