GantGrid Wiki

                                                                Small Snapshot of the HQ Office Hallway in GantGrid

A very unique OpenSim server that has been customized to be fun for you!
GantGrid was launched in November 2011 and still going strong and growing. We are an opensim-0.7.5 Modified server with lots of added features. This server was modified and secured by the well known developer  that goes by the name Shitty Programmer.

Here is a list of some of his innovative idea's.

Exclusive only to GantGrid:
  • Exile mode - unlocked (+11 stat 6 skill per level)
  • Get FREE gear with each NEW 60 toon. (Bonus: all gear enchanted to 11)
  • Choose your starting level 15, 30, 55, 60!
  • Auto Level Characters, say you start a 15 toon but want to go 60. Costs only 1k EP.
  • Customized Skills for every class: For example: Priests / Oracle have a Untouchable Spell and the Archers / Hunters Rapid Shot is an AOE.
  • Customized Item Mall – Buy lapises, lapisia and AP Items with EP (Exile Points).
  • EP (Exile Points) coins drop in game, and can be obtained by voting for server, you can cash them in to buy Mall Items. That means you don't always have to donate!
  • Custom Web Item Mall. Buy Special Items with EP or some items are available for purchase with in-game gold.
  • Customized Gear, Lapis and Accessories. Our custom accessories are the most unique and most admired by others.
  • All of the levels of Goddess gear have the same uber stats, so you can wear any type of Goddess  that appeals to you, and be as strong as the next person! And ….Special Exile lapises that all players have the ability to obtain - with awesome stats!
  • Fortune Bags drop most EP items and EP coins!
  • Collect letters that drop from Fortune Bags for GM links (collect letters that spell SHAIYA for a free GM link or 2k EP!)
  • Fully interactive Website where you can : do it yourself GM links/Enchants, Character Res, GM Extract 100%, Gear Switch, and Letter Exchange plus LOTS more!!
  • GM link also works at the in game Blacksmith just put it where you would normally put a hammer
  • GM Recovery - If you break a piece of gear or weapon it can be recovered by GM for 1K EP
  • Database is Backup every hour, so you can be sure your hard work will never be lost.
  • Operators Exclusive hammers give up to 37% linking chance
  • Custom Boss drops including Cryptic the Immortal
  • Instant Donation – When you donate – you get your points and / or items, instantly! No GM needed!
  • Exclusive farming area for growing toons! A level capped (lvl 55) map where you can farm the items needed to get stronger without being constantly killed by the opposing faction.
  • Four level's of pvp available 15,30,55 and 60 pvp.
  • Free for all map – This is a special map designed for 1 v 1 pvp. You can attack both the opposing faction or your own faction. A place to prove you are the best.
  • Cross faction trading works in Auction House

Other Server Info

  • Customized Sinister client (a stable and fully working server)
  • No Noss except sprint and weapon mastery
  • Guild Ranking Battle on Saturday ( Same OS Time )
  • Custom Soundtracks so be sure to put your sound on!
  • Multi-client is allowed.
  • Most Potions, Lapis, Lapisia and Hammers are now stackable to 255
  • 99% enchantment Rate to level 13
  • Secure server –   This server is maintained by the well known programmer, Shitty Programmer of course. He has made this server free from hackers, dupers and so forth. So you can be assured that your friends (and enemies) will play fair.
  • Active PVP
  • Weekly events with active friendly staff – The GS's and GM's actually care, and they are here to assist you.

If there is any queries you may have, or want to send a ticket use the contact button or the ticket box on the left of the web page or email us at gantgrid at gmail dot com

Shitty Programmer of the GantGrid Staff