Gangs of Nu Ork is an alternative campaign setting for Necromunda and Gorkamorka, Games Workshop's venerable games of skirmish-level gang warfare in the nightmare future of the 41st millenium. This document is an amalgam of both games and is primarily based on Necromunda Community Edition, a fan-based rules update by Anthony Case, with the addition of vehicle rules based on the Ash Wastes setting for Necromunda by Chris Ward and Stuart Witter (originally published in Necromunda Magazine) and the vehicle rules from Gorkamorka. Some ideas were also borrowed from Mordheim, Games Workshop's slightly more modern take on a skirmish ruleset, also available free from their website.

Familiarity with the aforementioned games is not required to play and enjoy Gangs of Nu Ork, but it helps. While this document contains all the rules required to play the game, it does not include many of the diagrams, illustrations and examples from the original rulebooks, so new players are highly encouraged to look them up there.


The primary reason for creating this document was the desire to see more variety in games, especially more different gangs. In Necromunda, virtually all the fighters are human or very close offshots such as mutants and subhumans, and the human gangs only differ in their access to different skill tables. Gorkamorka has slightly more variety with the option of Ork, Gretchin, Human or Mutie fighters and the addition of vehicles. But the vast universe of the 41st millenium created by Games Workshop for its other games contains many more different species and factions that were barely represented in Necromunda and Gorkamorka, if at all.

 This document exists to provide players who share this opinion with all the information needed to field Eldar, Kroot, Tau, Squat, and other warriors alongside their Human and Ork counterparts – not just as a one-off oddity but as equal and integral components of the setting and the rules.


This document combines and in some places slightly streamlines and modernizes the combat rules of Necromunda and the vehicle rules of Gorkamorka and the Ash Wastes. More importantly, it adds all the aforementioned species and their technology in a setting that hopfully doesn't contradict the original fluff of the 41st millenium too much, although some allowances obviously have to be made. The setting certainly benefits from a more relaxed, light-hearded approach, much like Gorkamorka itself.