If you judge people, you have no time to love them."  - Mother Teresa 

    As all friends details wont be fit in this tiny page , Lets me try my level best to introduce to you !!! 

   Jagannathan Asokan ( Smart   and nice colleague @ SGCIB Bangalore )  

   Lokesh ( My elder cousin who write's algorithm's and think's why not E=MC3 , infact you can see some valuable contributions of him in his site )

  Ibrahim Chaehoi  ( Proud to be Friend and Team member of Ibrahim :-) in work , he is the Project Lead of Jawr  )

  Giulio Giraldi  ( Author of ) Where i publish my articles

  Some of the other friends who dont have their website configured are 
  • Shekhar KATARE @ SGCIB ( He is nice & dedicated guy who wont be compromise when it comes to UI , you can always see him in office with iPod ....) 
  • Sasi Kumar @ valtech 
  • Boopathi SIVALINGAM @ valtech
  • Shanmuga Raja @ infy
Still , So many Friends details needs to be updated ....

I dont know why most of my friends are from Java Background :-) .

Some Snaps of TCE Guys / Gals