Favourite Links

Java & Open Source Technologies
  1. www.javaranch.com ( a nice forum where we can discuss about issues )
  2. www.java2s.com ( very vast collection of source core java ,j2ee,spring,hibernate ,ajax,javascript example )
  3. http://www.exampledepot.com ( readymade code in java package wise hierarchy )
  4. http://code.google.com ( Environment where we can get combination of JIRA , SVN ,WIKI ,Mailing Group as free of cost wacked out  )
  5. http://www.mediawiki.org  ( Open Source Wiki Page installation suite )
  6. http://www.wikijava.org  ( Site where you can get the plenty of tutorials , well this site is in budding stage and i am one of contributor for this site ) 
  7. Difference between inversion of Control and Dependency Injection
  8. Configuring Castor instead 0f JAXB for JAX-WS
  9. When Singleton is Singleton ( Impelmenting Singletons , lazy initialization,Multiple Singletons in Two or More Virtual Machines,  Garbage Collection Singletons , Reloaded Singleton Classes , Synchronization Singletons )   
  10. Different ways to integrate Spring Framework with Struts Framework ( ContextLoaderPlugIn,
    DelegatingActionProxy with example)
  11. Overriding Hashcode() and equals() method of Object class 
  12. www.vaannila.com ( Place where you can see plenty of spring , struts & Hibernate examples)
  13. Which4J   - Which4J is a simple utility app that helps you determine where classes are being loaded from. This can be especially helpful in debugging classpath and classloader problems
  14. jcFind  - This is a Python cli command line utility that allows you to search for Java classes/files and packages in jar/ear/war 's on your system under a specific directory / path
  15. Spring Examples
  16. Creating own Maven Repository using Artifactory as artifact browser 
 Implies the i am contributor for those websites .
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Feb 21, 2011, 7:45 PM