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The State of the Chapter - Andrew

posted Oct 16, 2015, 7:13 AM by Otterbein KKPsi   [ updated Oct 16, 2015, 7:14 AM ]

Hello to all alumni, current Gamma Omicron members, members from other chapters, and any other readers of the blog! My name is Andrew Kovaleski, and I am this year’s President of the Gamma Omicron chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi. This year, as any other, has been filled with many challenges and opportunities, but the chapter is making the best of it.

This year is particularly a strange one due to the sudden absence of our advisors for the semester. Dr. Margaret Underwood, former director of bands, received and accepted a job offer at Western Carolina University in late July, leaving the Otterbein Music Department without a permanent DoB. Our interim director, Dr. Daniel King, is doing a fine job of heading the department in the lapse between Dr. Underwood’s departure and the hiring of a new faculty member. As if that weren’t enough to put the department in flux, this semester is also Dr. Michael Yonchak’s sabbatical term, leaving the direction of the Cardinal Marching Band to Dr. Joel Shonkwiler.

Despite the lack of our historic advisors, this term has been successful. We have welcomed Dr. Shonkwiler as the new interim advisor of our chapter, until staffing decisions are made in the Spring semester. Shonkwiler is ecstatic to become a part of the chapter and to help where he can with our chapter activities.

This semester’s focus, regardless of the advisor situation, has been on motivating our members to strive for the highest with their roles in the chapter. Our chapter has about ten officer positions which need to be filled, but our numbers have shrunk to 14 for this semester. As you can see, this means that each person must be held personally accountable for each of their duties and must be individually motivated to accomplish the things that we set out to do as a chapter. In order to help instill these values in our members, we have had membership education workshops which focus on event planning, discussed the creation of SMART goals, and put an emphasis on committee work as being essential to the life of the chapter. Each committee has a weekly meeting time, during which they meet and produce a report to be read and presented at the chapter meeting. This reduces time that needs to be spent discussing specifics as a whole group, increasing efficiency and decreasing the workload of each individual in the chapter.

This goal-setting has resulted in efficient planning of our large chapter events - the Annual Band Banquet, scheduled for November 1, is nearly completely finished with planning. This is the most ahead that we have been in planning for this event in the three years in which it has occurred. Our brotherhood is becoming stronger as the year progresses, which has been helped by our weekly brotherhood events on Wednesday nights. We are encouraging participation in chapter activities with a points system for keeping track of personal and chapter participation. We are even returning to the emphasis on district involvement which was present in the chapter two years ago, when almost the entire chapter attended NCD convention. Five of our members attended this year’s Fall Workshop at Ohio Northern University, and we are already making plans for this year’s NCD convention.

That’s the skinny on how our chapter is doing this year - if you have any questions about any of our activities this year, or just want to have a conversation, don’t hesitate to contact me at! I would post my phone number, but my mom told me not to put my phone number next to my name on the internet.


Andrew Kovaleski

President, Gamma Omicron of Kappa Kappa Psi