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Funky Fresh Fall Fundraising - Tori

posted Sep 29, 2015, 11:53 AM by Otterbein KKPsi

    This year we are planning some new types of fundraisers! The fundraising committee has come up with a plan for three events this semester and we are so excited!! We’re not getting rid of old events but coming up with some new ideas to sprinkle in has been a lot of fun! We are planning on having a Chicken & Waffles Sale (which has become one of our trademark events). We are also planning on teaming up with Wendy’s to do a Burger Bash. 

    We have also had some fun talking about new ideas to try. We are planning a Piano Smash event for the middle of November. This event is actually going to be open to the rest of the campus which should be a lot of fun! We are also working on talking out some other ideas that we may or may not try out this year, such as a Professor’s Night Out where we offer to babysit for our professors for an evening.

    We’re hoping to continue to expand our fundraising repertoire over the course of this year. Our goal is to continue to fundraise for the bands but to find some new ideas to keep people guessing what may be coming next! I’m looking forward to a great year!