Wolof Language Files

 This section contains MP3 sound files for the Wolof language along with the accompanying script. The Wolof tribe is the one of majority in The Gambia.  The audio files are arranged in zip folders to make them easily manageable and downloadable. Please save the zip files to your computer's hard drive and open the zip folders (most computers have the ability to do this without the aid of any external programs, however, if your computer is not able to open zip files, please go to www.portableapps.com and download the free zip handling software called 7-zip.) The size of all zip files is 5MB or less. Once the zip folder is open you should be able to extract the mp3 files and transfer them on to your iPod, Mp3 player, or CD. Cassettes are available in the country from PCTG.

Downloading the audio files for all languages on this website and bringing them with you on your preffered media is a requirement of Peace Corps/The Gambia.

Word Files:

Wolof Language Script to accompany the recordings below; you do not need to print any of these files or bring hard copies with you to The Gambia - hard copies will be provided by the training staff; these files are only for reference.

1. Wolof Language Script.doc (75Kb) (The recordings below closely follow this document.)

2. Wolof - English Dictionary.pdf (620Kb)

3. Wolof Grammar.pdf (250Kb)

 Audio Files:

Uncompressed Size of all Language Files is 23.5 MegaBytes.

1.Wolof Lessons 1 - 5.zip    2.Wolof Lessons 6 - 8.zip 


3.Wolof Lessons 9 - 12.zip   4.Wolof Lessons 13 - 15.zip 


5. Wolof Lessons 16 - 17.zip