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PC/TG invites you to share in the wealth of knowledge compiled over the years. Download language workbooks, Manuals, Newsletters, and more.

Language  Manuals

Mandinka Work Book - 2008
5.71 MB Microsoft Word document

Wolof Work Book - 2008
5.65 MB Microsoft Word document

Pulaar Work Book - 2008
5.42 MB Microsoft Word document

Written by PC/TG very own language and training staff these work books are an effective learning tool. Practice your local Gambia language by reviewing pronoun charts, reading general conversation scenarios, translating common phrases, constructing your own sentences, engaging your training village in question and answer sessions. Build your vocabulary by working the fill in the blanks, picture labeling, and reading short stories.

 Agriculture . Environment

Bee Keeping Manual - 2006
743 KB Microsoft Word
Written by a volunteer in The Gambia, this manual outlines beekeeping at an appropriate village level on how volunteers can start a bee project. Among the many topics covered are the human-bee relationship, hive maintenance, information on honey, pollination, harvesting, swarms, bee stings, disease and pest effecting bees. Other helpful topics include beekeeping journal guidelines and lists of resources and references.

Cashew Manual - 2003
1.09 MB PDF
This is a report based on a study done on the cashew industry in India and Mozambique. This manual outlines local and global actors and markets, summarizes findings on cultivating, processing, and marketing cashew from various field visits, details cashew production and highlights importance of women in this sector.

Good Tree Nursery Practices - 1999
3.14 MB PDF
Compiled on the behalf of the International Center for Research in Agroforestry in Kenya, this manual proves useful for the volunteer wishing to develop or manage a community nursery. It includes guidelines on watering shade and nutrients, seedling germination, sowing, and quality, information on composting, and different ideas production methods and containers. Also helpful is the advice on safe pesticide use, recipes for natural pesticides, list of references to other manuals and related books and articles.

Moringa Peace Corps Projects - 2007
389 KB Microsoft Word
This manual gives ideas on how to promote Moringa in various Peace Corps sectors. It is an especially beneficial briefing for volunteers in Africa on how to promote the Moringa tree. Includes a background and getting started information, including a helpful checklist on Moringa start-up. Peace Corps sectors mentioned include Small Enterprise Development, Heath and Nutrition, Heath and Water Treatment, Environment and Agriculture, and Education, by way of Environmental education, English, Math and Science, School Income generation, and Community Service projects. This manual also comes with examples of two different Peace Corps Moringa projects in Benin and Guinea.

Shea Manual - 2008
831 KB PDF
This manual was developed by volunteers in Ghana, it includes information on the shea plant, uses of shea, local and international markets, advice when working on the producer level of shea production listings of Ghanaian NGOs and local buyers. Other highlights include a lessons learned case study, an even-break UNDP analysis, and a pictorial of shea processing.

Business Development

Aiding Entrepreneurs in The Gambia - 2006 
7.5 MB Microsoft Publisher document
Describes the “7 Steps in Starting a Business.”Includes advice and questions to consider in the Planning, Action, and Management phases of business start-up projects. All while keeping in perspective the culture, attitudes, and lifestyle of a Gambian villager.

Omo Soap Making Directions - 2005
22.5 KB Microsoft Word
Learn to make the favorite laundry detergent Omo, with this recipe and the use of local ingredients and materials. See also Moringa Soap Training Request and Moringa Soap Making manuals.


1.62 MB PDF
This manual gives practical strategies for assessing and responding to the effects of HIV on each of Peace Corps’ project areas, including: Agriculture and Environment, Small Enterprise Development, Health, Youth, and Education. The book also offers examples of creative and effective strategies used by Volunteers to integrate the issue of HIV into their activities through collaboration with other sectors or by designing activities targeting those most affected by AIDS.

Moringa Soap Training Request - 2005
21 KB Microsoft Word
This brief manual proves useful idea for volunteers interested in working with women’s groups or skills centers. An idea thought of by a volunteer and her local counterpart to hold trainings at the grassroots level to teach the health benefits of Moringa and the income generating possibilities of Omo. See also Moringa Soap Making and Omo Soap Making manuals.

Moringa Soap Making Directions - 2005
20.5 KB Microsoft Word
This short one page manual is useful for the Volunteer who is interested in promoting the benefits of Moringa. This is a easy-to-follow recipe on how to make soap using Moringa and other local ingredients and materials. See also Moringa Soap Training Request and Omo Soap Making manuals.

Neem Cream - 2008
22.5 KB Microsoft Word
Inspired by a recipe from Peace Corps Mauritania, here is the recipe for ‘Neem Cream’ mosquito repellent made from a local tree. span>

Information Communication Technology

Excel Training Manual - 2000
5.87 MB Microsoft Word document
Covers a range of Microsoft Excel topics from the basics of what is a spreadsheet, navigation, formulas, and working with charts, to the more advanced of formatting and using macros. Step-by-step walk throughs and exercises are included to reinforce the concepts. See also Moringa Soap Training Request and Omo Soap Making manuals.

ICT Best Practices - 2004
41.5 KB Microsoft Word document
Written by Nambian Peace Corps volunteers in the Information Communication Technology (ICT) sector for future volunteers on how to be ICT Advisory Teachers. Includes a needs assessment survey, lessons learned advice, links to lesson plans, and sample computer lab rules.

Solar Manual - 2003
3.86 MB PDF
All lights and no power. Written by a PCV in The Gambia during 2000-03, this manual gives you a first hand look at solar technology in The Gambia including case studies of local schools with solar power computer labs. If you are interested in putting together your own solar set-up, here you will find all the information you need from solar panels, regulators, batteries, inverters, and for volunteers in The Gambia, price lists from local suppliers.


     Manual of the Month


Gardening in Senegal - Pocket Handbook - 2007
512 Kb PDF

An Environment Sector Volunteer’s dream, this manual is a handheld, easy to look-up, index of how to care for crops, identify pests, and utilize organic pesticides. This manual’s explanation of gardening techniques makes it also easy for volunteers in other sectors to grow crops and help local farmers.


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