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 Another Map of The Gambia

Use the links below to download the required files:

1. Download Mandinka Language Files Here

2. Download Wolof Language Files Here

3. Download Pulaar Language Files Here

4. Download Serehule Language Files Here

5. Download Jola Language Files Here

6. Download Jahanka Language Files Here 


Welcome! This website contains information about Peace Corps/The Gambia (PCTG) for volunteers who have accepted their invitations to join PCTG. In this site you will find many different topics and pages that will help you prepare for your service in The Gambia. All information has been directly posted by volunteers and staff of PCTG to provide you with the most relevent and important information.

The main purpose for this website is to provide langauge recordings for future Peace Corps/The Gambia volunteers and fellow development partners. Due to the advances in technology, it is becoming increasingly difficult to locate hand-held cassette players in the United States and so far PCTG has been only providing language recordings for volunteers on cassettes. So in order to meet the challenge this website has been created to allow volunteers to download and manage the audio files in the States before they leave for The Gambia. It is vital that volunteers download all audio language files on this website (at the top of this section) and put them on their iPods, Mp3 Players, or CDs; PCTG cannot do this for volunteers and can only provide cassettes. Since it is usually impossible to determine what the  volunteer's primary and secondary languages will be before they arrive in The Gambia, you must be prepared by having all audio files. Please be advised that knowledge in the local languages is very important for volunteers' success and that Peace Corps/The Gambia places a high level of emphasis on the volunteers' ability to speak one of the local languages available on this site. Every volunteer must achieve at the minimum Intermediate-Mid proficiency in either Mandinka, Wolof or Pulaar by the end of Pre-Service Training (PST) before being sworn-in as a Peace Corps Volunteer of PCTG. Serehule, Jola and Jahanka, expect for a few select cases, are considered secondary languages. However, sometimes volunteers do get placed in communities where the secondary language becomes the primary language.

In this website also visit the Information about Peace Corps / The Gambia page and find the "What will happen" section and the general electricity and technologies information page, as well as the must see packing list and a page where you will find contact information for volunteers.

If you have any questions about the website or its contents please write an email to the website administrator at All questions regarding the Peace Corps/The Gambia program should be directed to the country desk in Washington, DC. The Country Desk email is AF/ Your comments are highly welcomed and will be extremely helpful in the future development and betterment of this site. We thank you for your comments and criticism.