Games To Explain Human Factors: Come, Participate, Learn, and Have Fun!!!
teaches middle school students, high school students, college students and professionals some basic principles of psychology for use in ones career and personal life.

The student versions of Games also
introduce Human Factors as a potential career path.

The professional versions of Games also teach application of psychological principles to the design, development, and testing of products and solutions.  Professionals should:
  • Develop some expertise to improve their products, service, teaching, and solutions during the Games session. 
  • Learn to differentiate do-it-yourself projects from when it is time to call a human factors expert.
The Games format is lively and interactive, like a TV Game show.

For each activity participants discuss the psychological basis of the activity, participate in the activity, participate in a discussion relating the activity to their life experiences and to professions involving psychology and discuss how participating will benefit the student at home or at work.

Participants should come prepared to learn while having fun.

Prizes are awarded.