Pool Simulator 

A Game From Tim's Games 

A Users's Guide 

What Is Pool?


            Pool is a game played with 9 or 15 different numbered balls, 1 – 15, as well as a cue ball. The player has a pool cue, which they use to strike the cue ball, which in turn hits the other balls. The game is played on a table with six different pockets, and the goal is to get each of the colored balls into one of the pockets.


Starting a Game:


            From the menu, select the single player option for a single player game.


How to Play:


            Click once on the ball to establish the start of a hit, and then click somewhere else to hit the ball there. The further away you click, the faster the ball will go.


Rules of the Game:


Eight Ball:

            In “Eight Ball”, the first player breaks a rack of fifteen balls. Once one player pockets a ball, they are assigned that type of ball, either solids or stripes. From then on, they must only pocket those balls, with the exception of the eight ball, which may only be pocketed when the player has pocketed all balls of their type.





On-screen indicators/ Advanced Techniques:



            In order place English on the ball, look towards the top right corner to see the cue ball. Anywhere you click on the cue ball determines where you hit the ball. This will then create English on the ball.


Multiplayer Games:


Starting a Game:


            Select the multiplayer option from the main menu.


Physics Mode:


How to Activate Physics Mode:


            Select physics mode from the options screen, then start your game as normal.


What Is Physics Mode?


            Physics mode is a mode in which the user can see the velocity of the cue ball, and see the vectors after the collisions. This mode is good for people who want to learn about ht physics behind pool, or just want to get better at predicting good pool shots. Once physics mode is activated, all collisions will be shown by a vector, which are the velocites of the balls.








The Physics engine behind this game is made by myself, and will be used in more applications in the future. A Demo of this engine's other capabilities can be seen below.


Demo Of Physics Engine.jar