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A Collection Of Games Made By Tim 

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To Start, Make Sure That You Have The Most Up To Date Version Of Java Installed At java.com, If nessesary, install the Java JRE By Following The Instructions Listed.

You Can Email Me At bunnyred74@yahoo.com with any comments you may have

Poke The Guy:                                                                                                             

Added On: 1/18/2007

 In Poke The Guy, your goal is to poke the stick man in the game. On the head.
To Play, simply click the mouse on his head to get hits.




Target Practice:                                                                                                           

Added On: 1/18/2007


In Target Practice, your goal is to shoot the boxes on the conveyer belt.
To Play, simply click the mouse on the blue boxes to get points.




Falling Blocks:                                                                                                              

Added On: 1/31/2007


In Falling Blocks, your goal is to manuver the falling boxes in a row to eliminate them, based on tetris with a few twists.To Play, simply click the mouse to rotate, move the mouse to move the pieces.




5 Card Draw:                                                                                                                

Added On: 2/19/2007


In 5 Card Draw it's you against the computer in a game of 5 card draw poker, standard poker rules apply
To Play, click the mouse on the buttons to preform the actions nessasary.




Reaction Test:                                                                                                              

Added On: 2/31/2007


In Reaction Test you click the button when it tells you to. Then it evaluates how quickly you preformed
To Play, click the mouse on the button.





Added On: 1/18/07


In Pong, try to score by getting the ball past the computer player on the left of your screen
To Play, move the mouse to move the paddle, click to pause and adjust settings




Connect Four:                                                                                                              

Added On: 1/18/07


In Connect Four you try to get four of your pieces in a row
To Play, click the mouse to place your piece.





Added On: 2/31/2007


In Darts you can throw darts at a dartboard to get as many points as you can
To Play, set the power and angle with the mouse then click to start and stop the percentage meter.




Cannon Fight:                                                                                                              

Added On: 1/26/07


In Cannon Fight, you and another person battle it out hurling cannon balls at one another trying to break thier castle To Play, click and drag the mouse to set power and angle.





Desk Shooter:                                                                                                              

Added On: 3/15/2007


In Desk Shooter, you try and shoot at people who pop-up from behind desks with incresing speed, like whack-a-mole. To Play, click the mouse to shoot.




Space Wars:                                                                                                                

Added On: 3/05/2007


In Space Wars, your goal is to eliminate the enemy fleet with your ship..
To Play, click the mouse to shoot.




Homer's Odyssey:                                                                                                        

Added On: 3/07/2007


In Homer's Oddysey, your goal is to eat all the donuts and beer you can, by shooting it or gulping it up with your tounge. To Play, click the mouse to shoot.





Added On: 4/05/2007


In StickMan, you have to traverse many obstacles in this side-scrolling platformer, to reach the end of this obstacle course To Play, use the arrows to move, use space to shoot, up to jump

(Special Note: This Game Must Be Saved And Extracted To Run Properly)



Evil's Garden:                                                                                                               

Added On: 5/11/2007


In Evil's Garden, you have to free your family from a mysterious evil.
To Play, read to ReadMe included in download.

(Special Note: This Game Must Be Saved And Extracted To Run Properly)



Fruit Sorter:                                                                                                                  

Added On: 6/21/2007


In Fruit Sorter, you have to swap fruits with ones that are next-door to make rows or columns of 3,4,or 5, to eliminate the fruit from the board To Play, click the mouse to make the 1st and 2nd selections.




Fruit Eater:                                                                                                                   

Added On: 6/25/2007


In Fruit Eater, you have to eat the fruit that appers by moving either left or right. Every time you eat fruit, you grow bigger. To Play, press and/or hold left or right on your keyboard to move left or right.




Brick Breaker:                                                                                                              

Added On: 7/03/2007


In Brick Breaker, You have to try and break all the bricks on the screen by hitting them with the ball.
To Play, move the mouse the move the paddle.




Stick-Man 2:                                                                                                                 

Added On: 7/09/2007


In StickMan 2, you control StickMan,  trying to reach the green box that randomly appers on the screen, you have the power to move StickMan with the arrow keys, but you also have the ability to draw platforms on the screen with the mouse. All you have to do is touch the green and score.




Head Hitters:                                                                                                                

Added On: 7/15/2007


In Head Hitters, You control an underground-dwelling green Man, trying to keep the on-coming stick figures away from his home.To Do This hit your head on the ground they walk on to stun them until you can run into them, banishing them from the level.

This game can be either 1 or 2 players,
The First Player controls are the Up Arrow to Jump, and Left And Right to move that direction.
The Second Player Uses the W button to jump, the A button to move Left, and the D Button for Right





Added On: 7/27/2007


In Mini-Putt, you can play a round of miniature golf on either a premade course, or one that you dream up yourself. For Instructions, Check the "INSTRUCTIONS" Tab in the Main Manu.




House Robber:                                                                                                             

Added On: 8/23/2007


In House Robber, you are a criminal trying to rob everyone around him. You start in an infinite city filled with houses that you can rob. You may kill, hi-jack cars, and steal from any house you wish. But watch out, the cops will find you if you stay in one area for too long. The controls are: arrow keys to move, space to shoot, and enter to interact with objects, such as cars or doors




Bank Robber:                                                                                                               

Added On: 9/12/2007


In Bank Robber, your goal is to get all the coins that are flying out of the vault. To do this you simply click on the cash to add it to your stash.




The Fumigator:                                                                                                             

Added On: 9/18/2007


In The Fumigator, you have the task of eliminating all the bugs in each house. Try to stay alive for as long as possible! W is Jump, A is Move Left, D is move Right, Q is to Pause, and the mouse controls your fire.




Pumpkin Killer:                                                                                                             

Added On: 10/30/2007


In Pumpkin Killer, your goal is to kill all the pumpkins that you see. By pressing space bar, you unleash your mighty sword, which destroys all pumpkins in it's path. However, you only have two minutes, how many can you kill ???





Added On: 11/21/2007


In life, there are only two ways to get a turkey. Buy one, or run one over.
In Roadkill, your objective is to kill as many turkeys as you can, by running them over with your car.

The arrow keys control your car, and the
'Z' ,'X' ,'C'  and ,'V' buttons choose the color of your car.




Snow Wars:                                                                                                                  

Added On: 12/10/2007


In Snow Wars, Your goal is to beat the kids on your street in a snowball fight.
Controls: To shoot a snowball, click the mouse.




Santa's Delivery Game:                                                                                                

Added On: 12/25/2007


In Santa's Delivery Game, the object is to deliver a present to each house you find. Press the left arrow key to send a present left, and the right arrow key to sent a present right. In this game, timing is key, so time your presents wisely!




New Year's Resolution Game:                                                                                     

Added On: 12/31/2007


In the New Year's Resolution Game, you play as someone who made a New Year's resolution to avoid bad food. You must help him reach this goal by pressing left and right to move him away from the bad food, and towards the good food.




Revenge Of The ATM:                                                                                                 

Added On: 1/07/2008


In Revenge Of The ATM, you play as a young hero battling to avenge his family from the evil MTM. For all Instructions, see the in game help or the tutorial from the main menu.




The Chemistry Game:                                                                                                  

Added On: 1/07/2008


In The Chemistry Game, You try to make the compounds given to you with the provided elements.

Controls: Click and drag in order to place elements on the surface, make sure that the lines extending from the element touch the element that it is to be added to.


Applet Version


Image Splicer:                                                                                                              

Added On: 1/24/2008

This class takes a large image comprised of smaller images and saves them as smaller images.




Pool Simulation:                                                                                                           

Added On: 4/22/2008

The link below is to a new game which is a pool simulation. This game was built from the ground up, including my own physics engine, which can also be demoed in the link below.



Block Stacker: _______                                                                                               

Added On: 7/21/2008


In Block Stacker, you attempt to stack the blue blocks as high as you can. You press the spacebar to stop the blocks just at the right moment to match up all of the blocks without letting any fall, otherwise, you have less blocks to work with.




Fravelaxia:__ ___ ____                                                                                               

Added On: 7/29/2008

In Fravelaxia, your goal is to survive massive waves of enemies who due to advanced cloaking capabilities can pop up anywhere. Your sole mission is to survive the onslaught, and kill as many of the bad guys as you can. Left And Right Arrows rotate the ship you are flying, space bar to shoot.




Falling Sand: ___ ____                                                                                               

Added On: 12/19/2008

In this Falling Sand Game, you can create  and destroy  stuff. Click to create what you have selected. 




Sliding Puzzle: __ ____                                                                                               

Added On: 12/23/2008

In this game, you pick how many rows and columns to make the puzzle, then select one of your own pictures to make the puzzle out of. The game will then split up your image into a sliding puzzle, which you then must solve by clicking the pieces to slide them around.