New Project: How to make a 3D Game Engine! Other projects: Base Defender 3D with Panther3D engine, also Space Zombie with Panther2D engine in XNA 4.0. Old Projects: Base Defender (aka Base Defense), (For Android too), Asteroids with FRB tutorial.

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New completed tutorial on how to make a basic 3D game engine in XNA 4 part one, based off my Panther3D engine, I instruct the reader on how and why they can make there own, and then instruct the reader on how to use it to make the classic Asteroids Game. The completed game can be viewed on YouTube here. The five chapter long lesson, is in PDF format, later I'll turn it into a web site with a forum after I make sure everything is bug and typo free, I'll publish it on Amazon as a book! You can find the tutorial in the downloads section of this site.

I'm currently working on adding particles to the tutorial for the next part of the series. After that I'll be adding better collision detection options and more.

New pure XNA 4 project here. I created the Panther3D engine for Base Defender 3D, follow that link to find out more! You will also need XNA 4 run time, found here.

Latest side project, 3 week game creation contest at Dream.In.Code! No 3rd party game engines or libraries allowed!
Space Zombie won 3rd prize! I'm continuing on that game now.

If you are new to game creation, or you just don't want to reinvent the wheel, you may want to have a look at FlatRedBall, a game engine for the XNA Game Studio framework. It is a life saver, for keeping your code organized, and healthy and all while you save time. It is free, and community supported, and his feedback is very fast. It will even install everything you need for the XNA Game Studio 3.1 on your system if needed. The FRB version of my game is now available for testing. Read my blog Project ended. 


For any of you interesting in what XNA Game Studio is, here is the official word on it here. For the official XNA Creators Club you can go here.

Stay up to date on the FRB Base Defender project here, go to the downloads page for new content!
You may need the XNA Game Studio 3.1 runtime, you can download that here.

Read about Base Defender 3D in XNA 4 Updates here.

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