A high stakes, mechanized romp through the Canyonlands of Ithix, where the wealthiest companies and businesses sponsor daring pilots who risk it all on elemental powered hovercraft.
The rules are few and weapons are many. Each racer is unique. All strive to win.
There will be shard rays, brimstone rockets and flame cannons, arcane spells have been known to fly, druid sabotage and underhanded tactics, and every once in a while, a dragon shows up on the course.
It's all great for publicity, and the crowds are bigger than ever!
So if you think you have what it takes, sign up and get your craft out on the starting field. The next race is moments away, and everyone loves a winner!

The Basics

You and up to five friends are pilots of arcane, mechanized, elemental fueled, weaponized hovercraft, pitted against one another in an extreme race through the deadly canyons of Ithix.

With a good craft building strategy, skillful use of pilot cards and a little luck, you not only have to survive five sector cards, each representing a portion of the race, but you have to do it with more courage and speed than your opponents, all without getting shot down by other racers or becoming part of the canyon walls.

You choose your speed before each sector, rolling one to five race dice that result in Pilot Cards and position advancement, or cause you to crash and burn. Each sector card has effects that all pilots have to deal with, and hazards that only some of the racers have to deal with, if they push their luck too far.

But it’s not just about first place! Racers have different roles, and different ways to gain victory points. Discovering who you’re racing against, and what their hidden goals are can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

So get your goggles and gear and we’ll see you at the starting line Ace!

Steampunk racer sketches  

New Round of Playtesting in the works...