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Here lies a collection of maps from Aeranos.
Included is a basic description, along with notes and remembrances on how they were used.
You are free to use them for your own personal games and adventures.
If you'd like to use them in anything official, please contact me for permission.


Blank Continental map of Aeranos
A nameless map of the continent of Aeranos.
Ready and waiting for your own home campaign or adventure...

Ainemere - A tiny village of Argos 
Just a quick map of a tiny village and Hillfort in the Kingdom of Argos.
I know I used it in an adventure once, but I would need to scour the journals to remember where. I think a Kuldan Shamaness was keeping Argon slaves here during the War of the Goblin King.

The Clanholts of the Firbolga
The fourteen great houses of the Firbolga nation of Arpan Peak.
The Firbolga are Morodos (giants) who live in the highest mountains of the Argon range. Holdovers from an ancient time when giants ruled the tribes of man, they still keep slaves, but mostly keep to themselves these days. During the rise of the Goblin King, Knockfar emissaries tried to enlist Arpan Peak as allies in their war against Argos. A diplomatic mission was sent by the King in Cuannis, to treat with the Firbolga and keep them from entering the war. This was an interesting adventure, where the Firbolga were just too big and powerful to take on in a fight. Although as I recall, the party barbarian took down an Ettin single handedly, which was pretty impressive.

Another little village and hill fort
Another little hill fort and village, this time in the King's Wood in Deoria.
This little community was the nearest settlement to a Bloodless Lich Lord's castle as I recall. One of our gaming group's ONLY TPK's! But hey, it was a lich, with a pet Dracolich! Oh the retribution that came to this poor village after that...

Above  Below
A larger clantown of Deoria and it's stinking underbelly
And here I draw another blank. Twelve years of gaming in Aeranos is too much to easily retrieve out of the ol' noggin. I remember a thieve's guild and the sewer tunnels, and I think this had to do with the Castledeep Lich Lord adventure, but that's it!

The capitol of Argos
The shining jewel of the Kingdom of Argos.
The city of Cuannis, on the northern coast of the bay, is the Kingdom capital. Atop the high coastal cliffs, Cuannis has the distinction of being one the most defensible Neran cities. High, thick walls surround much of the community and its southern walls edge nearly vertical, towering cliffs. In Argos entire history, it has only fallen once to an enemy, during the Morodos invasions 800 years in the past.

Sans traps and secrets
A perfectly defensible camp in the deep woods.
Here we have a hideout fit for a Syvani, or a band of antisocial druids.

An island with mysteries aplenty, somewhere in the Straights of Fahl.
Uuuuh, I remember bloodless vampires, and a Golden golem with Midas touch in the Temple of Minas Goleth, and as I recall, this is the spot where one of the party made a deal with Mogda, the Reaper God, after he was mostly slain by a vampire. He became an Ebon Slayer. Basically an undead hunter.

A far northern tower outpost
A small tower outpost on the western shores where the Tintagel Mountains meet the sea.
This was one of the first legs of a journey that took the party deep into the icy mountains in search of the Rhymer's Tree. (The Dragonbone Chair by Tad Williams is still one of my favorite series). There were Makra (Ice Trolls). They demanded payment for passage across the glacier. As I recall, they only wanted the fat mage, and when the party refused, he almost got eaten anyway, because he couldn't climb the cliff fast enough. Good times.

capitol of Deoria
The Capital of Deoria, great river city and hub of commerce for all of Aeranos.
You can find anything in Milum, if you have the coin, and know the right people.

Wee little village
A wee little village in the foothills north of Cuannis.
A cattle yard and a rickety bridge across the creek. This was really early in our Aeranos adventures. In other words, I don't remember much about it, except that the heather was lovely in the springtime. Ahhhhh.