Aeranos RPG

A magical celtic land on the verge of a renaissance, or the brink of apocalypse...

A dark conspiracy of world-destroying outsiders, bent on keeping the land divided...

A diverse group of gods, races, guilds, cults and heroes trying to stop them... whether they realize it or not.

Immortal Atlanteans, Hungry Demons, Fantastic Airships, Bizarre Biomancy, Celtic Heroes, Planar cities, Big Swords, Flame Cannons, Rift-torn Lands, Angry Elementals, 
Druids, Golems, Spells, Dragons, You. 

Welcome to Aeranos.

What is it?

Aeranos is a role playing game set in a fantasy celtic world. Games are run by a game master, who leads any number of players through a story. The system focuses on keeping danger real, while still allowing heroes to be truly heroic. No matter how powerful your character becomes, they must still fear an arrow. Characters are made with a combination of attributes, skills, specialties and disadvantages, in a "class-less" system without levels or hit points. All rolls are resolved with a pair of six sided dice. Bringing your disadvantages to play can grant you survival and fate points. Advancing through stories and creating memorable tales gain you experience, which you use to gain new abilities and better your skills.

A Basic Introduction to the Realm...

    Aeranos is a large Continent encompassing high icy mountains, vast rolling plains and dense temperate forests. Great muddy murks, large inland seas, deep, treacherous bays and dark, endless underground caverns dot this expanse and much remains uninhabited by the Namer races.

    In the year 380 of the current calendar six great Kingdoms hold sway in Aeranos. To the South, in the Great Taigan Wood lies the Syvani and Faelinarie nation of Manawyn. Surrounding the Bay of Fahl and taking up much of the middle and northeastern isle are the three Neran Kingdoms of Argos, Deoria and Fom. In the vast plains of the North, the Oroka tribes rule the Kingdom of Delek, and in the oldest civilization of the Isle, the Durin Darkurth Empire rules from deep within the Tintagel Mountains.

    To be certain, there are other societies and minor kingdoms, some that have fallen and yet others that are gaining in power. The Knockfara tribes have many petty kingdoms within the forests and mountains. The Syvani do not all inhabit the southern wood and many of their Sithas rule vast stretches of forest elsewhere on the Isle. The great Morodos clans once ruled much of the continent and there giant-sized, hidden strongholds can still be found in the harshest of wilderness. Durin, Faelinarie, Fekra, Dinar, Meran, Kuranani and Trulla are just a few of the others that war and trade, weaving their own threads into the tapestry of the Isle.

    It is a celtic land. There are highland Clans of the Argon range and lowland clans of the Northern Starbright. In the east are the advanced political cities of Deoria and to the north are the harsh Beornian castles of Kaergot, with their sea-raider ancestors.

    The sturdy Durin, arcane Syvani and great Morodos brought the written word to man. The standard text of the clans is an amalgam of those ancient scripts. Iron came from the Morodos, steel came from the Durin, sorcery from the Syvani and divine power from the Elder and Namer Gods. Many advances in technology came with the traders and raiders from Concordia across the eastern sea, while still others are being invented daily by the crafty Dinari of Dragon Mountain to the West.

    The Great Powers of Aeranos include the Lord and Lady above all, aloof powers that rule the lesser Gods. Below them in rank, but greatest among those worshipped by the namers, are the Elder Gods, Erod the Summoner, known by such titles as the Lord of Storms, or the Sun Father, and his female counterpart, Cynwen the Huntress, Lady of the Wood, the Emerald Crone.

    Below them, the Namer Gods of the Golden and Shadow Courts. Those powers that once were mortal or powerful ideals, and were raised up in the ancient past by worship and the great and terrible cataclysm. Among these are Culan the Warrior, Nedra the Mistress, Murbagh the Tiller, Mogda the Collector, Gleeve the Traveller and Agmored the Destroyer.

    And even below these are the interlopers, Demons both lowly and powerful like Sevos, the Master of Torments and Minerest, the Mistress of Webs, who have carved out niches in the shadow planes where the Gods cannot reach them. From these pocket realms they slowly eat away at the power of the Gods.

    And lurking beneath the surface of it all is an ancient, forgotten menace to the west. The immortal race of Atlanteans, shielded behind their Dragon Wall, plot the downfall of Aeranos with the slow, methodical tactics that made them rulers of two worlds before. Only a handful of the bravest and most learned heroes stand in the way.

    In all, the Isle of Aeranos embodies a vast puzzle of cultures, secrets, traditions, and the races that spawned them. The unknown lurks near at hand and both the risk and reward goes to those daring enough to seek it. This is not a place for the timid or fearful. Only those with honor in their hearts and steel in their stride will make a difference.


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