Thousands of Nigerian girls

prostitutki moskvy
проститутки Краснодара

Thousands of Nigerian girls are being invited by unscrupulous people to take advantage of Russia’s student visa system but instead, sex trafficking is forcing the girls into prostitution.

Emma Burrows from the German news service Deutsche Welle has been investigating how Nigerian girls are being lured to Russia under promises of a university education, along with a job to pay back travel and tuition fees. In many cases, it turns out some of these girls are being taken advantage of and instead of an getting an education, they disappear into the sex trade.

In the case in question, Blessing Osakwe told Burrows how a woman came to her hometown in southern Nigeria and told her there was work available for her in Russia. According to the woman, Osakwe would have a job working in a supermarket and that it would take only five or six months to earn enough money to reimburse the costs of the visa and the journey to Russia. The woman told her that after paying back the $40,000, Osakwe could keep any further money she made.