As soon you register you can log into the game and start with creating a personal avatar.
For now the avatar creation is very basic with only a male avatar, a couple of facial hair types and colors and some different skin and hair colors.

Project Ion plans to implement U.M.A
in the upcoming version, a very nice tool for creating unique avatars.
After you finalized your avatar you will be placed in the Zion Citadel.

You can gather resources trough hunting, mining, trading, recycling and exploring, look for pick-able natural resources like hemp plants and wood.

The developers seem to create attractive spots inside the platform like accessible spaceships guarded by huge robot armies.

Create a team to stand strong in this dangerous world, make friends and trade with other players, create new equipment, even better than those you started with and much more.

Become a known presence in this persistent and constantly growing world!

You can check out the sneak preview for the new avatar creation trough the Unity Webplayer.