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Create a cube using GameObject>3D Object>Cube as is shown in the graphic to the right.
Moving the Cube  
Move the cube around by using the Transform properties in the Inspector. You can enter values into the boxes or interactively change them by dragging your mouse over the X, Y, or Z labels. Try it.
XYZ Gizmo  
Notice how the XYZ Axes in the top right corner of the scene window show you the directions in 3D space. The red colored cone points in the positive X direction, the green in Y direction and the blue in the Z direction. You can change your view to look down that direction by clicking on one of the cones. Try it.
Shortcut Keys for Changing View 
You can also use the option key as you drag around on the screen to rotate your view, Option-Command-drag to pan your view, and Option-Control-drag to zoom in and out. Take some time to play so you know how to change your view. When it’s all messed up and you want to get back to the default view, use the Layout button on the top right and select Default as your view.


All questions in this section are available in a Google Doc here for students to answer and turn in to their instructor.

  1. Name the some of the shapes you can create in the 3D Object menu.
  2. Name the three properties you can change in the Transform panel.
  3. Describe what happens to the cube when you change the z position to a negative number.
  4. Describe what happens to the cube when you change the y position to a positive number.
  5. What should you do if you want to look down on the top of your scene?
  6. Describe what the default view is.