*How to reduce VR sickness : Learn more about LCS(Leaning Control System)

Follow these 3 steps:

1. Please print the following image on A4 paper and fold along the dotted line.

(This is

    • PaperStick 2 Download▼

  • PaperStick 1 Download▼

PaperStick2 VS PaperStick1

*Tip : To set the print scale to 100%, in the Gimp program, click the File menu

> Page Setup> Page Orientation "Landscape" and all margins to "0".


*How to fire PaperStick 1 : Touch your controller's [AT] to fire.)

2. If your VR headset does not have a camera hole, use a cutter to create a hole.

  • The recognition rate is best when the distance from the camera lens to the controller is 20 cm ~ 30 cm.

  • Do not swing your arm wide, rotate your wrist to aim.

3. Finally, Install one of the games below from the Google Play Store.

  • Poppist VR

> (Inactive)

  • Milky Dive VR

> (Inactive)

(Sorry, the game service paused.)

*VR apps do not work on phones that do not have Gyroscopes because they require head tracking.

    • Understanding gyroscopes.


  • Find out if your phone has a gyroscope at the site below.



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