*How to reduce VR sickness : Learn more about LCS(Leaning Control System)

Follow these 3 steps:

1. Please print the following image on A4 paper and fold along the dotted line.
(This is PaperStick.net)
  • PaperStick 2 Download▼
  • PaperStick 1 Download▼

PaperStick2 VS PaperStick1
*Tip :  To set the print scale to 100%, in the Gimp program, click the File menu
> Page Setup> Page Orientation "Landscape" and all margins to "0".


*How to fire PaperStick 1 :  Touch your controller's [AT] to fire.)

2. If your VR headset does not have a camera hole, use a cutter to create a hole.
  • The recognition rate is best when the distance from the camera lens to the controller is 20 cm ~ 30 cm.
  • Do not swing your arm wide, rotate your wrist to aim.

3. Finally, Install one of the games below from the Google Play Store.
  • Poppist VR

  • Milky Dive VR

*VR apps do not work on phones that do not have Gyroscopes because they require head tracking.
  • Understanding gyroscopes.
  • Find out if your phone has a gyroscope at the site below.

*Privacy policy :
 For all GAMEPLUS games, the developer does not collect any personal information from the user and temporarily accesses the functions of the device only when necessary within the game. (Controller tracking with cameras, head tracking with gyroscope sensors, WIFI and contacts for Google Play Game Service.)