Social Studies: High School Games

The tables below share some great resources we've found for using games to teach social study skills to high school age students. If you have similar games to share, add them in the "comments" section on the bottom of this page.



GeoNet gives students the oppertunity to quiz themselves on many different aspects of geography.  From physical and political to facts about the people of a given region, this game has it all.

Here are a variety of games based around the geography of the US.
This link provides you with several geography based games about the various regions of the world.  

US History:



In Think Fast about the Past students must answer a series of trivia questions about the colonial era to help them find their lost dog.  Each correct answer moves them to a different colonial location.


Pennywhistle Hero is like a Revolutionary War version of Guitar Hero.  Students must hit the correct number key at the correct time to play music from that era.
In Jamestown Online Adventure students get to make all of the decisions in the colony of Jamestown, from where to establish the colony to relations with Native Americans.   





Energyville is a game in which students can design the energy infrastructure for a city.  In doing so, they learn about the various ways to produce energy as well as their pros and cons.  





In this game, students work to create congressional districts based off of a set of criteria.  Students will learn about gerrymandering and other issues that influence the construction of districts.


Garbage Dreams is a game that simulates the life of the Zaballeen people of Cairo.  Students will sort garbage into various recycling categories to earn money.  They then can use that money to increase the amount of waste they recycle and consequently the amount of money they make.  The game teaches students about recycling and the environmental impact of waste. 


Climate Challenge
In Climate Change players must act as the president of Europe.  In that position the player must balance the financial, electrical, water and food demands of Europe while simultaneously lowering carbon dioxide emissions.