This website is the result of a collaborative group project created for EPS 415: Technology and Educational Reform taught by Professor Nicholas C. Burbules at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, during Summer 2011.  The group members are: Erin Lodes, Bianca Marcell, Erin Schramm, Henry Turek, Angela Williams, and Molly Yue.

New generations of learners require new methods of teaching.  As computer and Internet use become more widespread among students of all ages, educators must be prepared to adapt to the needs of this interactive and innovative generation.  Gaming provides an excellent alternative to traditional learning activities.  Learners can engage in various subject material in a fun and competitive way.
Click on the image below for a video on the relevance of video games in education.  Click on the image below for a short explanation from the MacArthur Foundation's James Gee on why gaming is essential for today's students.



This website is dedicated to educational games across subjects studied in American schools.  These games, the majority of which are free, can be used as supplemental resources for teachers.  A brief description and link is provided for each game.

For more information about further research supporting educational gaming, please be sure to visit the section entitled 'Why Games?'  The resources in that section represent the many resources available online that provide information and answer questions to help teachers who are considering using  games for student learning.