Art & Music: Middle School Games

The tables below share some great resources we've found for using games to teach visual art and music skills to elementary age students. These games were all chosen based on teacher use and recommendation. If you have similar games to share, add them in the "comments" section on the bottom of this page.

Music Games:

Music Racer website logo

Music Racer

The music racer website, recommended by numerous music teachers, challenges students to test their knowledge of basic music skills, note names, and fingerings on wind instruments. This drill and practice game is strangely addicting, and will have your students practicing their note-reading skills in no time!
music tech teacher logo

Music Tech Teacher
The music tech teacher website hosts literally dozens of fun games covering many topics of music including note reading skills, composers, music technology, music history, keyboarding, and more. It is an amazing, award-winning resource.
incredibox logo


 This beat-box/acapella inspired music generator allows your students to create and experiment with different sound combinations.

Monkey Machine logo

Monkey Machine
This web-based drum machine toy creates drum loop and provides musical accompaniment for musicians. Your students will learn about creating steady drum beats playing with the Monkey Machine.
 Staff Wars game logo

Staff Wars 

Teacher tested and approved, Staff Wars is a fun way for students to learn the notes on the treble, alto, or bass clef staff. Simply download the game to get started!

Visual Art Games:


This simple website allows students to create complex, spirograph-inspired drawings. Use the many tools on the bottom to create unique art.


SketchFu is an online drawing tool that plays back the artist's actions in fast forward after their picture is complete. Students can draw, replay their drawing, share and comment on each other's work, and more.


This online poster creator, recommended by teachers in multiple subject areas, allows students to create a digital poster with both visual tools and by adding multimedia such as video. A great way to create multi-media artistic statements.

All My Magic

This page provides students with many tools as they play with greeting card design - it's simple interface is especially appealing to creative middle schoolers.


This web-based photo editing game is a great introduction to skills needed for more advanced photo editing software.