Art & Music: High School Games

The tables below share some great resources we've found for using games to teach visual art and music skills to high school age students. These games were all chosen based on teacher use and recommendation. If you have similar games to share, add them in the "comments" section on the bottom of this page.

Music Games:

flash flash revolution website logo

Flash Flash Revolution

This is a computer game, used in many classrooms to help improve student rhythm, based on the interactive arcade game, "Dance Dance Revolution." Students who play will learn skills in rhythm and holding a steady tempo.

idaft logo

Do the Daft

 "Do the Daft" is a set of 2 interactive consoles based on the band "Daft Punk's" electronic music. Players can use the console to imitate the songs Technologic or Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, or can create their own music. *While this website is fine, not all media surrounding Daft Punk is appropriate for school use.
Auditorium logo

This game creates poignantly beautiful music as players manipulate physical "flows" in an almost physics-based puzzle in an attempt to combine and create the sounds they want. 
virtual keyboard

Virtual Keyboard
This game teaches student to play well-known themes on a virtual keyboard. Students can use their mouse on the screen, or turn their computer keyboard into a virtual piano!
incredibox logo


This beat-box/acapella inspired music generator allows your students to create and experiment with different sound combinations. 

Visual Art Games:

Line Match - Artists & Works

This simple line-matching game challenges students to match the names of famous painters to the title of one of their well-known masterpieces.

Fill it in - Artists & Origins

This simple fill-in-the-blank game challenges students to type in the origin country of famous visual artists.

Drawing Games

In this collection of games, students have to use their spatial drawing skills to guide characters through puzzles, save them from falling, and protect them from enemies. A fun way to practice basics sketching, structures, and architectural 2D design.

Queeky Paint

This website features a paint tool program that will help students become familiar with the advanced tools of photo design and professional paint softwares.


This basic graphic design tool allows students to design their own icons.

Art Pad

This paint pad allows realistic painting action, with a "replay" option so that you can see the process leading to your final product.