Bienvenue sur ce site dédié aux programmes réalisés en PYTHON et RFO! BASIC

Pour décompresser les fichiers avec l'extension 7z, vous devez utiliser 7zip que vous pouvez télécharger ici.

Welcome to this web site which was made in order to promote the programs developped in PYTHON and PYGAME. To unzip the files  with 7z extension, you must use 7-zip that you can download here.

Agenda in tkinter / Diary using Tkinter module

Jeu qui utilise Turtle / This game is made with turtle module; It's the hangman game where you need to find a word.

Pulse-Again is a graphical user interface written in Python and Tkinter to deploy softwares on a few computers with pulse2 secure agent installed on them.
To use it, you need to create a pair of ssh key and you must allow the connexion on the remote computer by exporting your public key in the configuration of pulse2 (ssh) of the remote computer.

Jeu réalisé grâce à PYGAME. Game using PYGAME's librairy. C'est un shoot them up comme avant, il y a bien longtemps ...
Space max is a type of space invaders. I do it for my kids.  Have a lot of fun with this game. 

Scoudly est un petit serpent affamé! Game using PYGAME's librairy.
Scoudly is a little snake which is very hungry!

Un casse briques un peu différent des jeux classiques. Game using PYGAME's librairy.
A breakout which is different...

A fork of the classic Nintendo Game and Watch. Game using PYGAME's librairy.